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Our Aim

High quality- A pair of decent prescription glasses is vital to wearers because it is the new statement of them. In order to make you look more charming and eye-catching, we now have superior glasses with trendy frames as well as high quality lens. The frames are light and durable, and they are available for all the wearers. The lens are of accurate prescription, thus the prescription eyeglasses you buy perfectly match you.

Big sales-We offer various quality and affordable eyeglasses so that every wearer can get his or her own favorite eyewear. The numerous campaigns where you can have big deals on glasses benefit you a lot,too.

Chic fashion-We are devoted to deliver the most popular glasses frames all over the world to you, so you surely can find the most suitable eyeglasses frames here.

Easy shopping-GlassesShop.com provides you with various commodities options and easy payment to make you have wonderful shopping eyeglasses online.

Quick shipping-You can enjoy our quick shipping to have a chance to receive your glasses within a few days after they are shipped.


  • Robert Blum08/11/2015

    Glassesshop.com is the best! Got these glasses for a fraction of the cost in stores. Have bought a bunch of pairs s...

  • Robert Blum08/11/2015

    Love them! Dimensions on the site were very accurate and the try on tool made it very easy! Comfortable to wear and...

  • PETE HEWITT08/04/2015

    What a deal got three pair of glasses for $258.77 1 regular ,1 sunglass , and 1 pair of transitions. I’ll B...

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