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Our 1.56 Trivex Lenses are ON SALE!

These lenses really have it all ~ UV protection clear vision, lightweight comfort and great durability! The material our Trivex lenses are made from is actually one of the lightest lens materials anywhere which makes the glasses wear more comfortably. The durability stems from the high impact resistance which makes them an ideal safety choice [...]


Introductions to Progressive Multifocal Lens

What do you know about progressive multifocal lens? What are the differences between it and bifocal lens? In this post, would like to give a detailed introduction about progressive multifocal lens from different aspects. 1. Design Principles The design principle of progressive multifocal lens is that there is gradient refractive error on the entire [...]


Right Ways of Presbyopia Correction

Wearing frame lens to make up for or adjust the lack of power is a traditional but the most efficient way of presbyopia correction. According to the structure of lens as well, the treatment can be classified into three basic types: single vision presbyopia glasses, bifocal presbyopia glasses and progressive multifocal lens. (A) Single Vision [...]