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Download GlassesShop vision care wallpapers as your PC screen desktop to protect your eyes !

Accroding to stat countings, there are about 70% – 75% of people work along with computer for a long time. If we couldn’t pay attension to our eye care. We are easy to have an “Vision & Eyes Discomfortable Based On Using Computer” with symptoms including dry eyes, headache, blurred vision and aches in back. It may affects our work efficiency if be mild. But if get serious, may cause to failing eyesights and even arthropathy.

So, never ignore the eyes discomfortalbe, especially if you get with hypermetropia, myopia, presbyopia & concomitant strabismus. Once your eyes got with abnormity, please go to ophthalmologist for diagnostic immediately.

Another necessary way to keep your eye health is to adjust the habit of using computer while eating some eye friendly foods.

So, what’s actually the good habit of using computer ? What should we do to adjust it ?
Here are some advantageous suggestions of USA Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) for us to avoid the eye strain :

+ Spread some raspberry on the bread or have a raspberry in the morning every day.
+ Cook red onion instead of yellow one.
+ Make sure the vent of your car aims at your feet but not your eyes.
+ Have various vitamins every day, just like you brush teeth every day!
+ Walk at least 4 times each week.
+ Have fish twice a week.
+ Keep away from fatness and sweet socks for two days a week.
+ Lower the temperature in your house.
+ Put on a pair of sunglasses when outing.
+ Choose a broad-brimmed hat to catch with your sunglasses.
+ Set a 30 minutes intervals alarm when you are working or reading.
+ Do a blood pressure examination per month.
+ Buy new eyelash grower every three months. Try other eye makeup product annually.
+ Clean eye makeup before sleeping.
+ Put on goggles when you work as carpenter or in a wood farm.
+ Use clean towel to clean face.

And, also suggest you to download our vision care and HD green nature wallpapers, to avoid eye strain. We collect more than 100 fantastic HD wallpapers with our logo and vision care tips printed. You can directly download in our blog or go to for the full list.

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