Eye Care Tips for You

Tips for Computer Workers

 In our daily life, eyes should not be overused for watching TV or computer screen. The good habit of blinking from time to time should also be established. Those who often work with computer should in particular avoid using computer long hours. Usually one should take a rest for 3 or 5 minutes after working for half an hour. When sitting before computer, we should adjust the positions of the screen and our eye making the screen 10-20cm lower than the eye. The distance between them at least should be 60cm. In this case, we can look down at the screen which should not be too bright.

Keep a healthy diet

We should keep a healthy diet with more fresh vegetables and fruits to protect our internal organs. In addition, the intake of ViterminA, B1, C, E should be increased while spicy food with should not be overeaten.

Keep a good mind

We should always keep a good mind instead of being overloaded with pressure. What’s more, enough time for sleeping is necessary. Weariness or staying-up should be avoided. To alternate work with rest will benefit us.

Protect our living environment

Pay attention to the protection of our living environment. Use conditioner and hair drier less and avoid sandy and dusty places. In order to increase the humidity of our living environment, we can place some pots of water around us. Try to visit the countryside or go hiking or climb mountains some time, taking a temporary refuge from the city life. The good environment there especially the fresh air helps a lot to prevent dry eye problems.

Take necessary physical exercise

Besides, one should also take necessary physical exercise to strengthen our body. To exercise moderately speed up the blood circulation over the body and the metabolism. It also increases the blood supply in the eye and improves lacrimal metabolism, which in result do a lot of goods to disease-treatment.