Featured Free Form Digital Progressive Eyeglasses Lens on Glassesshop

You must have heard about progressive eyeglasses lens for different optical needs. But there is a featured kind of lens offered by Glassesshop.com now, free form digital progressive lens, which have unique features from normal progressive lens. Thanks to the introduction of free form surfacing to the lens manufacturing process, the optical Industry is poised for significant change. The transition to free form technology is a watershed in the history of eyewear.

What are the advantages of free form digital progressive eyeglasses lens?

1. Wider Field of Vision

Compared with regular progressives, it offers up to 20% larger areas of clear vision, better color perception, better peripheral vision and minimal distortion. Distortions in the periphery of the lenses were always a disadvantage with traditional progressive lenses. As free-form progressives are customized to your individual prescription and frame parameters, they increase your field of view and decrease distortions in the periphery of the lens.

2. No Lines

It also provides better control of image distortion, providing unprecedented levels of optical clarity.

3. Lighter and more comfortable Lens

Prescriptions filled with free form digital progressive lenses result in a “softer design” and provider a faster and more comfortable adaptation to the lenses.

It offers quicker adaptation thanks to optimal design ergonomics that fully respect the routine movements of new progressive wearers and wearers of progressive lenses with a different design.

The free form progressive glasses lens are a bit more expensive than traditional progressive lenses, but in our view, the benefits outweigh the cost more. Instead of expensive retail price $499.95 at local stores, you can order free form digital progressive lens on Glassesshop.com at only $59.95 for a variety of frames ranging from $22.29. You can select eyeglasses frames on Glasseshop.com and if there is a check in the free form choice on the product page, it represents it supports free form progressive lenses.

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