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Can you believe that you could buy a pair of quality glasses with only $1? Well, is launching a one-dollar deal. With only $1, you can get $29.95 frames. What is more, case & cloth are included and specified 1.499-index lenses are free. Are you ray ban fans or Harry Potter fans? You may like it since ray ban style and Harry potter style are included.

Use Coupon Code: OneDollar and you can enjoy your EXCLUSIVE privilege.

There are 5 styles to choose from. Since each style is designed in different colors, you could choose from 13 pairs of eyeglasses. You only need to enter coupon code OneDollar at checkout.

Here is a brief introduction of these 5 styles:

 Y323 Eyeglasses

This pair is the hottest style. Designed in a stylish ray ban style, this pair definitely stands out. Such a pair helps produce a geek-chic look with black frames. If you are into ray ban wayfarer, this pair is perhaps a good option.

 Trussville Eyeglasses

Round eye glasses have also become a hot trend. Doesn’t it look like the pair that Harry Potter wears? Are you harry potter fans? You might as well choose one as a souvenir. There are 3 colors to choose from.

2029 Eyeglassses

Such a style is perhaps more suited for the old. There are three colors to choose from.

Skyline Eyeglasses

Nowadays, lots of fashion accessories are designed in animal print. For example, this pair of glasses frames gets animal print patterns, which look very fashionable.

 2030 Eyeglasses

This pair gets simple but cool style. This frame with spring hinges offers wider range to accommodate and bend without being broken off.Also three colors are offered.


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