Right Ways of Presbyopia Correction


Wearing frame lens to make up for or adjust the lack of power is a traditional but the most efficient way of presbyopia correction. According to the structure of lens as well, the treatment can be classified into three basic types: single vision presbyopia glasses, bifocal presbyopia glasses and progressive multifocal lens.

(A) Single Vision Presbyopia Glasses

They are simple spherical lens or lens that combines Astigmatism component. They have such kinds of advantages as relatively cheap price and lower requirements for fitting. But the experience of use is not so satisfactory. They are only suitable for people whose eyes’ far sightedness sphere is normal or who seldom switch from near to far sightedness for presbyopia correction purpose.

(B) Bifocal Presbyopia Glasses

This kind of lens combine two different refractive into one lens, making it a powerful lens that have two different refractive power; thus eliminating the need for frequent replacement of near and far sightedness glasses. So it’s very convenient to use this type of lens for presbyopia correction.

As two zones on the lens have two extremely different refractive powers, inevitably there is “image jump” problem in the two zones. At the same time, due to the two refractive zones divided, there more or less exist “dividing lines” on the lens; thus it’s easier to expose the owner’s age.

(C) Progressive Multifocal Lens

Bifocal lens can meet the needs of near and far sightedness requirements, but cannot see clearly the objects in the medium distance. (Between the far and near distance.)

In order to achieve the goal of seeing the objects in near, medium and far distance and avoiding the problem of “image jump”, or in other words, in order to have a continuous vision for the objects in all distances, the progressive multifocal lens come into being for presbyopia correction.

Above are three types of lens that are suitable for different users. Please wear the correct glasses for presbyopia correction according to the prescription from your doctor.

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