The Reasons Why Nearsightedness in Children Gets Worse even with Eyeglasses on

Many parents may find that the nearsightedness in children still gets deepened even their kids have had the prescription eyeglasses on. Why is there this problem? Following are some causes of it and all parents can pay attention to these causes and help the kids with their myopia.

First of all, children are in growth phase, when the length of the anteroposterior diameter doesn’t stabilize until adulthood. Before that, the physiological extension process of the length of the anteroposterior diameter is really the process of exacerbation of myopia. If it is the case of pathological myopia, the process gets faster and vision correction is more ineffective.

Secondly, some children have such bad habits of using eyes as reading and writing for too long time, leaning too close to the book or reading under over bright or weak light, which may cause visual fatigue, thus deepened the myopia degree.

Next reason is that some children don’t follow the doctor’s instructions to wear prescription eyeglasses. Each pair of eyeglasses for each child has different degrees, different ways of wearing, thus having different correction effect. If the wrongly worn eyeglasses may cause eye adjustment disorder, which may further worsen the nearsightedness in children.

Last but not the least, some children don’t conduct required medical examinations, dilated eye examinations and rigorous regular check. The degree of glasses is higher than real myopia degree or the children simply wear someone else’s glasses. Although they can look clearly with the wrong glasses, the burden on the eyes adjustment is higher and the eyes will feel soreness, resulting in reduced visual acuity and increased nearsightedness degree.

As a result, the reasons of deepened nearsightedness in children may not due to the problem with the glasses. Using the eyes for too long time or too close to the object or wearing the glasses in wrong ways are important factors of worsen eye sight.

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