The patterns on the rim make the glasses so cool and attractive,this model will be strongly recommended!

—Adriana Delia Barar      07/02/2014

Very fast delivery, best quality, unique model, wow, so satisfied!

—Adriana Delia Barar      07/02/2014

The cute accessories can go well with tons of dressing style, which is essential for beauty and sun-blocking in this hot summer!

—Patricia Santamaría González      06/19/2014

Actually they are charming although with simple style,more and more compliments come towards me from people around.

—christen dominique      06/19/2014

Hesitant to trust ordering prescription glasses online, especially with progressive bifocals. I really wanted them to work out, and in all honesty, thought they wouldn't. But guess what? They're PERFECT! Beautiful frames, clear vision and prescription just right! I am a believer and will definitely order more as back-ups and am going to tell everyone I know who wears glasses about your products and services! I am now a very happy and loyal customer!!! Thank you!

—Melody Vise      06/16/2014

Nothing more perfect than wearing sunglasses bathing in the summer sunshine,oh,so cool, just join us together!

—Amanda Monteiro      06/13/2014

I had to admit that it was so amazing and fantastic online shopping experience, fashionable color and model make me standout!

—Alexa Poletti      06/13/2014

They are super sturdy, very nice quality. The color is perfect for standing out! So cool and so fantastic!

—Tamires Joaquim Lucietti      05/26/2014

I love to wear them around the house. They are rubbery and very comfortable. I can even lay on my side and watch tv without worrying about bending or breaking them.

—Gabriela Kruk      05/15/2014

They're very comfortable to wear, seem to fit well to my measurements and the lenses seem right for me. Overall I'm very happy with them and pleased. The color is perfect for standing out! Great customer service, fast delivery!

—Sirlangela Maria Aparecida Ramos      05/15/2014

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