New sunglasses from Glasses Shop, online shop that sell quality glasses and sunglasses at low prices. I hope you all many more years of success.

—Lucia Diegoli      05/15/2014

Finally got my pink diamond glasses from glassesshop.com, they are so comfy, love the diamonds on the side

—Gia Nasim      05/15/2014

They're very comfortable to wear, seem to fit well to my measurements and the lenses seem right for me. Overall I'm very happy with them and pleased that I can now have a pair of glasses at home and one at work.

—Gabriela Kruk      05/08/2014

The are actually my favorite out of the 3 pair I have so far! Very girly, very unique. I get compliments all the time. Great quality. Great customer service!

—Åsa Lindberg      05/08/2014

I just received this pair! The price was unbelievable!! Super comfortable, great color! Great quality for the price and great customer service! I hope you all many more years of success.

—Amanda      05/08/2014

The frames themselves seem sturdy and I liked the design in real life. They look like they do on the website, which is a good thing in my daily life.

—Princess      05/08/2014

They are actually my favorite I have so far! Super comfortable, great color! I get compliments all the time.

—Lasi      05/06/2014

Wow!!! I LOVE these glasses! Great quality. Great customer service!

—Cindy      05/06/2014

I would gladly recommend all my family and friends to this site as they are definitely worth the purchase!

—kayla      05/06/2014

If you know how much I LOVE my glasses!! I am so excited! I got a package with 3 new pairs in the mail from Glassesshop and they are all PERFECT!!

—Bre      05/06/2014

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