i love my new glasses! they are amazing, the clip on is really good too, arrived in 10 working days and were wraped really good.

—Laura Kay Lagarde Santillan      01/11/2016

I love these Steven - Black/Blue. I've never gone outside of my normal Tortoise shell frames and wanted to try something different... these suit me very well. Very well made and comfortable to wear! Can't do any better then the prices and the way they arrive.. always on time and superb!!

—Terenda Albritton      12/28/2015

Love my Hopkinsville glasses!! Again, the prescription was correct and the frames are of good quality. Fifth pair that I have ordered and all have been problem free!!

—Christine Gatsogiannis      12/18/2015

I love the Plymouth glasses that I have. I got my first pair in white, as my first free pair. They are fun and different. I hardly ever see other people wearing white glasses, and love how they stand out. I liked them so much that I got a second pair in pink and black. I really like the pink and black pair because they look very nice from the front, as they are black, but really fun since as soon as I turn my head you see the pink arms. These glasses are so affordable, that I can have them in different colors. It makes it easy to get multiple pairs of glasses, and I can pick which one I want to wear depending on my mood each day. No one ever believes me that I got my white pair for free. They quality is great, and the lenses have amazing clarity. They all come with their own case and cleaning cloth, so I never have to worry about not having a case or getting scratches on them. Plus since they are so affordable I can keep a spare pair in my car or at my boyfriends house just incase I forget mine.

—Gwendolyn Malinowski      11/24/2015

I love my Victoria Rectangle frames. They are solid blue fading down to a light blue at the bottom of the lenses. They look great for work or a casual look. They are a great addition to my growing collection from GlassesShop. I have gotten a lot of compliments on them, and no one believes me when I tell them what a good I got, when I bought them.

—Gwendolyn Malinowski      11/24/2015

I just received my glasses today and I am soooooooooooooo Happy with them. They arrived in perfect condition. I will be purchasing more in the next few weeks and already have two people who are purchasing some as well after seeing mine!

—Terenda Albritton      11/23/2015

I have ordered glasses the last couple years and I have very satisfied . This last time the prescription I used had a typeO from my eye doctor. They caught it and contacted me to get it corrected. I think this was great they took the time to make sure my glasses would be perfect. Thank you so much for your concern GlassesShop . They have great prices and styles too. Quality glasses A+

—Owen Barnhart      11/23/2015

I have to say I am BEYOND happy with my fun and unique pair of sunglasses from GlassesShop.com. It came with a holder for my glasses and a wipey o keep them nice and clean. They are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They don't pinch my nose like other sunglasses do and they feel great.

—Jolleen Ruiz      11/20/2015

They came very well packaged, in a box which I took a good five minutes to open! When I finally got the package opened, I discovered that the glasses were stored in a plastic container with one of those wipes that most glasses wearers use to clean their glasses if they get foamy or dirty in any shape or form. Included in my order was also a little token which enables me to get 25% off my next order, a nifty little marketing trick.

—Ellen Smith      11/20/2015

Love the sunglasses I received

—olini1989      11/20/2015

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