These are a large black with a stripe on the bar. Normally $34.95 but because I keep up with the weekly deals, these beautiful, on trend frames were only $5.95. Unbelievable !!!! Love Glassesshop

—Gin Colschen Burg      07/23/2015

This is my "First Pair Free" ! Probably the nicest quality pair of frames I have ever owned! The fit is great, and most importantly the prescription seems perfect.... AND the frames were FREE! Love them

—Gin Colschen Burg      07/23/2015

Thanks, Glasses Shop!

—Andrus Vainola      07/09/2015

Thanks, Glasses Shop, for my Glenview Round glasses in Tortoise/Cyan. They arrived within 12 days of ordering, via a signed-for international mail service. The prescription is perfect and the glasses are beautiful!

—Annie Colley      06/25/2015

I am very pleased with my stylish and elegant prescription glasses in style Glenview Round in Tortoise/Cyan. The "cyan" seems more turquoise than blue to me and I love it. The prescription is perfect and they were easy to fit myself. Delivered within 12 days by a tracked mail service for the standard shipping fee! Excellent value and I will hope to order more soon!

—Annie Colley      06/23/2015

I just ordered two pair of glasses that were very expensive but wanted a variety of new styles so I gave it a shot. Well, at a tenth of the price of the retail glasses these are by far my favorite ones. They actually fit better than either pair of the expensive ones.

—Anita VanRavensway      06/18/2015

My glasses arrived in a clear, plastic case and included a microfiber cleaning cloth. I love them very much.

—Lindsay Ginn      05/27/2015

The quality and build of the frames and lenses are surprisingly great for the price. No loose screws or imperfections on them at all! One thing to note is that the nose pads had to be adjusted. They came set in a weird way that didn't fit my face properly. You can easily adjust them at home or bring them out to a shop like I did.

—Kristine Yee Ting Lam      05/27/2015

Ordering at Glassesshop.com is very easy and shipping is very fast too. My pair came in three weeks after I ordered it. Upon seeing the frame of my new glasses, I was quite skeptical with the temples since it is made of metal and it is quite thin. But after using it for quite some time, I can assure you that the material is very sturdy. The rims of the glasses are very chic, too. I thought that the umber style of the glasses would look weird on me. But I think the frame made me look mature (because of the shape of the frame) yet stylish (because of the color of the rims).

—Michelle Rendon      05/27/2015

I absolutely love these Strasbourg Aviator sunglasses in Golden. I love how stylish they look and how comfortable they feel. They did not squeeze my head too tight nor did they fall off my nose. I like how the lenses weren't too dark but perfect for blocking the sun out of my eyes. These are great everyday wearing glasses. I have been looking for a great quality of Aviator sunglasses that are cheap and I finally found them. I will definitely be purchasing more pairs for my husband and myself.

—Sophia Gilbert      05/27/2015

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