The tortoise shell glasses I received are of good quality and fit my face nicely. I loved the oversize frames and can't wait to style them with all of my summer looks. Each pair of sunglasses also comes with a lens cloth to wipe away smudges and plastic case so they don't get broken. For the price, I was very happy with the quality of the sunglasses that showed up in my mailbox. For full product information and more about the cheap glasses they offer, visit them on Glassesshop.com

—Jenn Powell      05/27/2015

I opted for this Clementine Eye Black Eyeglasses because of its classic style that I know can bring me anywhere. The price is reasonable at $35.95. Quality and workmanship is excellent.

—Maria Teresa Martinez      05/27/2015

I was referred to this site by a friend and after reading some bad reviews about this site from others i was sceptical. So i traveled to local eyestores and after hearing quotes on my frames /lenses(300-400 dollars) I decided glassesshop.com was defiently worth a shot. To my surprise the process was very easy, i picked my 2 frames($40 total) and about 2 weeks later they came. They were perfect! Thank you glassesshop.com not only did you save me hundreds of dollars but cired me of my online shoping scare:)) I totally recommend them again!!

—keilah johnson      03/27/2015

I recently ordered a pair of "Zenobia" glasses which I recieved a couple of days ago. I have purchased from other online glasses producers and have never been pleased ith the outcome. I decided to give you a try and that is why I am taking the time to send of this email. I am so very pleased with the quality and the actual perscription itself. I no longer have to take my glasses off to read, or rely on reading glasses. You have got my perscription 100% correct. I want to thank you very much and I will be using your company in the future as well as promoting your company to my friends and family. Bravo, and good job!!

—Laurretta Boudreau      01/21/2015

My glasses fit great. I got them on time and the checkout process was simple and straightforward. My first time ordering and it was nice!

—Payal Patel      01/12/2015

My experience was awesome. I order 2 pair. Before you processed the prescription, it was brought to my attention that there may be an error in my prescription regarding my PD. I contacted my doctor, corrected it with you....and in a few days I got two new pair of glasses!

—Diane Drussell      01/07/2015

I love my glasses, they came very quickly from the moment I place the order. The frames were not that expensive and they are very trendy. The prescription is good and I am glad I placed an order.

—januari Afrasiabi      12/30/2014

love it

—miaomiao wu      12/26/2014

My first (and most favourite) Glassesshop frames!

—A. S.      12/30/2014

I w as reluctant to order glasses from The Glasses Shop on line. I had checked out several other sights and The Glasses Shop had the best prices and were the only company that took your monocular PD for a bifocal. I was an optical tech for 10 years so I know about fitting and measuring bifocals. I am very pleased with my glasses the RX is right on and the AR coating is great for the computer and night driving. I am glad I took a chance on The Glasses Shop, they did an excellent job and I received my purchase in less than two weeks and at Christmas time no less. I would recommend this company to every one needing glasses.

—Marissa Hatfield      12/23/2014

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