I loooove big giant glasses like these from glassesshop.com they make your face look so small and cute.

—Alexa Poletti      09/18/2014

Always keep a sunny state of mind, shop my look at glassesshop.com

—Candice      09/18/2014

Just posted a review of my new eyeglasses ordered from Glassesshop.com. Very very cute, thank you glassesshop.com, I love it!

—Kayleigh Hadlington      09/18/2014

I have ordered several pairs of glasses, I am pleased with the lenses but not with the frames. I live in a tropical climate, most of the year it is hot, when the frames get damp from wearing them in the heat the color peels off the lenses to expose the clear frame. The only pair I have with color left is a pair I wear inside. Sure wish I had know this before I ordered glasses. Excuse the dust I don't wear them anymore.

—Kathy Roberts      09/02/2014

Love this pair of Louise so much that I had to get both brown/blue and black/pink. My go-to classics

—Kristin Nevins      08/06/2014

So cheap price but so superior quality,surprising! Definitely second pair will be bought further!

—Adriana Delia Barar      07/11/2014

The light purple color stands out, brilliantly and wonderfully with comfortable materiel and sturdy quality!

—Alexa Poletti      07/11/2014

Sunglasses is the essential accessories in the hot summer, which makes you more charming and mysterious!!

—Viktoria Resch      07/04/2014

I was fall in love with this model at the first sight,which makes you look younger,as it is so so so so cute!

—Kayleigh Hadlington      07/02/2014

Light and comfortable material, fast delivery with thoughtful service make the online shopping pleasant!

—Kayleigh Hadlington      07/02/2014

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