New Glasses, New Start!


Hello everyone! We meet again! I hope everything goes well with you and people you love and care! Thank you so much for your concern and your support for our 10-year anniversary in the past two months, and I surely assume that you have had big sales of new quality glasses. If there is something wrong with the time of delivery of your glasses, please give us credibility and patience. Because of the increase of orders, we need more time to process your glasses, so it takes a bit longer time to receive your glasses. Now, the whole anniversary and all the campaigns ended, but we won’t lower our glasses and our services. Instead, we are going to move forward by providing you with better glasses and service. Please   keep an eye on us!

As autumn is approaching, it’s time for you to get your wardrobe refreshed, right? Do you consider changing your glasses, from bright and colorful frames to warm or formal ones, too? Here is a great and appealing campaign of recommended to you.

The campaign is called Enjoy for More Less. You can have various discounts on glasses because of the total amount of money on glasses. The more you spend on glasses, the more discounts you can have, for instance, when your order is over $39, you can have 20% off. If your order is over $69, you can have 30% off. Of course, you can have 40% off when your order is over $129. As usual, the coupon codes 20GS,30GS and 40GS are required if you want to enjoy the wonderful discounts. Visit and buy your unique new autumn eyeglasses!

Free Shipping: Some Great Coupn Codes You Can Use During The Campaign


Hello everyone! Wish everything is ok with all of you. As we all know, our last biggest campaign Free Shipping has begun since the last Thursday, Sep. 18, and many of our dear customers have enjoyed the big sale during this period of time. However, a group of customers are confused which coupon codes they can use when they buy eyeglasses on our site, because they can merely find the First Free. The others shown on our site are not available. Here, you’ll be informed that other great coupon codes, such as GSLENS, 2FREE and UPDATELENSE, can also be valid during this campaign till Sep.24.

These codes work under the following circumstances: firstly, if you have heavy prescription and you want thinner lenses, you can use GSLENS because when you buy 1.61 lenses, you can get a free frame valued at $19.95. If you choose 1.67 lenses, you can get a free frame valued at $29.95. If the frames have higher prices, we’ll subtract $19.95 or $29.95 from the actual price. What’s more, if you select 1.74 lenses, all the frames on our site are available for you for free.

Secondly, if you want to buy 2 pairs of glasses at one time, the code 2FREE is highly recommended, the reason being that you are able to get free glasses and free coatings at the same time.

Lastly, if you desire to buy higher index lenses with less money, you should use UPDATELENSE. You can have your lenses updated, e.g. the 1.67 lenses now cost you what the 1.61 ones did in the past. The available for 1.56, 1.61 and 1.67 standard lenses single vision, bifocal, progressive, freeform and non-prescription lenses. What’s more, the free coatings include anti-reflective coating and UV coating.

Once again, the campaign Free Shipping lasts only one week and will be closed on Sep.24. Visit our site and use various coupon codes to save more money!

GlassesShop’s 10-Year Anniversary

Last part:  Free Shipping on All Orders!

I hope everything goes well with all of you! I don’t know whether you have bought affordable glasses at, but I truly hope we can help you have clear vision and see the world without any trouble. As time goes, our 10-year anniversary will come to the end, and the last campaign is free shipping. I guess most of you are very interested in our last campaign because you don’t pay the shipping fee!
The campaign also lasts for one week from Sep.17 to Sep. 24. During the campaign, you can have free shipping once you buy glasses over $10! What’s more, when your order is over 99, you can have free global express. FYI, there is no special coupon codes of this campaign, and all of our past codes are available during this time. Time is limited, so take this opportunity to have extremely affordable eyeglasses for you and people you care. Wish you have a happy shopping experience at