2nd Week – FREE Color Tint

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Hello, everyone! Do you still remember GlassesShop’s 10-year Anniversary? Are you satisfied with our 1st week campaign? Do you have big deals with that? Do you want other campaigns? Here, you can enjoy the FREE Color Tint of any orders over $19.95. Are you excited about that? Go throw away your old tinted glasses and get a new Free pair!
Tinted lenses are lenses that can change color when there is sunlight, so that they can protect our eyes. There are several colors of tinted lenses which are caused by the proportion if the metal powders added into the lenses. The best colors recommended are dark colors, such as grey and brown. The stronger the sunlight is, the darker these tinted glasses become. Different tinted lenses have their own time to change colors, some are quick, others slow, but they share similar function: UV protection.

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1st Week

Buy affordable glasses and save more money for yourself when there is the GlassesShop’s 10-year anniversary.

Hello everyone, do you still remember our former blog ‘’GlassesShop is Turning Ten”? We are going to hold ten different campaigns which will bring different deals and surprise for you! Now, our campaign has begun and the first campaign is $10 OFF on orders Over $49; $25 OFF on orders Over $69. Various eyeglasses are available to you. Here are some of these glasses.

Dorothea – Tortoise

This is a very chic eyewear that fits young ladies. It impresses other with youth and energy. The oval design is suitable for almost all the facial types, especially round faces. The tortoise color added to the frame makes women look better. The plastic frame is very light and shatterproof.

Amelia – Purple

This is a kind of women’s glasses. The purple color is perfectly suitable for women and can make them look more elegant. The oval frame seems to be made to be exclusive to women. The metal glasses are light and durable. In a word, this type of glasses suits office ladies very well by shaping them more feminie and impressive.
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New Arrival of GlassesShop

Do you feel tired of wearing the same glasses for a long time? Do you want to buy chic good glasses at very low prices? If so, keep on reading this blog and then find a new pair of glasses that fit you well.

Sunglasses are very necessary and important in summer, aren’t they? Sunglasses that have UV protection can help wearers avoid the damages caused by hurtful UV rays. What’s more, because of their cool design, sunglasses make people have better looks. Male wearers will look more manly and attractive by wearing this kind of men’s sunglasses. The gunmetal glasses are more chic and less coercion compared with black sunglasses, so it is a great choice to wear them in summer.

Prescription Glasses
This kind of prescription glasses is exclusive to women. The pink rimless frames are so fantastic to some female wearers that they become more elegant and feminie wearing these glasses. The tiny decorations of both the legs add their appeal and sense of trend and make them special and attractive. The metal frames can be very durable and sturdy for very single female wearers.

I believe this type of tortoise glasses will sell very well. The round semi-rim frames are very popular recent times. They change the traditional image of prescription glasses wearers: they are not nerds any longer. Instead, they can be very trendy and flattering. The tortoise is the best facial makeup for anyone who wants to have impressive images. The plastic frames are light and durable at the same time.

There are also other new glasses at GlassesShop. If you want to know more, click here to have access to more prescription glasses.