GlassesShop’s 10-Year Anniversary

Last part:  Free Shipping on All Orders!

I hope everything goes well with all of you! I don’t know whether you have bought affordable glasses at, but I truly hope we can help you have clear vision and see the world without any trouble. As time goes, our 10-year anniversary will come to the end, and the last campaign is free shipping. I guess most of you are very interested in our last campaign because you don’t pay the shipping fee!
The campaign also lasts for one week from Sep.17 to Sep. 24. During the campaign, you can have free shipping once you buy glasses over $10! What’s more, when your order is over 99, you can have free global express. FYI, there is no special coupon codes of this campaign, and all of our past codes are available during this time. Time is limited, so take this opportunity to have extremely affordable eyeglasses for you and people you care. Wish you have a happy shopping experience at

GlassesShop’s 10-Year Anniversary

Buy Lenses, Frames on Us!


Hello everyone! It is really an exciting day today because we have another campaign now to celebrate our 10th birthday! Many of our subscribers have got affordable glasses with high quality lenses and frames, and this time we still hold a lenses campaign to make you benefit from it again.

The campaign lasts from Sep.11 to Sep. 17. Different from the last campaign which was to buy higher index of lenses with cheaper glasses, this campaign is intended to send you free glasses under the following circumstances. When you buy 1.61 lenses, you can get a free frame valued at $19.95. If you choose 1.67 lenses, you can get a free frame valued at $29.95. If the frames have higher prices, we’ll subtract $19.95 or $29.95 from the actual price. What’s more, if you select 1.74 lenses, all the frames on our site are available for you! Make use of this wonderful campaign and use code GSLENS to have a really a big deal at

New Arrival – Cat Eye Glasses Collection

As we all know, cat-eye glasses are very popular among female wearers. The reason is that cat-eye glasses are exclusively designed for women and the frames accentuate women’s facial shapes. Now, various types of cat-eye glasses are available both at online and offline glasses shops. Here, I want to introduce you some models of cat-eye glasses at for you.

1. Weymouth Cat-Eye – Burgundy

This type of cat-eye glasses is very famous among female wearers. The bright color of the frame has an impression of life and character. Also, so many women wear them to attend parties to show their special appearances. The affordable prices make them very appealing.

2. Pittsfield Cat-Eye – Burgundy

This is also a model of burgundy cat-eye glasses for women, but we can see many differences between it and the first pair. This pair is less bright nor glittering than the first pair, but it can make wearers decent. This pair of glasses is suitable for more occasions, even in classroom and some meetings. They only cost you $24.95.

3. Salisbury Cat-Eye – Black

Black frames are very classic and possess a large portion among all kinds of frames. With a pair of black car-eye glasses, wearers look elegant and mysterious. The plastic frames are light and durable which will pose less pressure on our noses and temples. So, black cat-eye wear are a great choice!
If you want more information about cat-eye or other types of glasses, visit us!