Buy Glasses for Veterans: Show Your Care by Helping Them See Better!

Hello everyone! I still hope everything goes well! I don’t know whether or not you bought from our site for glasses necklace, but I truly wish you can have favorite glasses and accessories at the same time. Guess what is the intention of this blog? New campaign? Exactly! There is a new campaign on our site now, which is Veterans Day Sale.

As we all know, a great part of the veterans become aged, and they need glasses to help them see clearly. If you have a veteran grandfather or other veteran relatives, you can surely grab this opportunity to show your care for them. However, this campaign isn’t limited to veterans only. All of you can have this big sale, too.

During this campaign, all the frames have 30% off, and I think many of you have a great chance to get our new and attractive frames. So, in order to get veterans, other old people, such as your parents, grandparents, or yourselves new glasses, visit our site and use code 30FRAME to have a great deal!

Eyeglasses & Glasses Necklace Delight the Coming Autumn

Glasses accessories are popular among trendy young people, the reason being that with these accessories they have unique and appealing looks. Among the glasses accessories, glasses necklaces can be considered as the bestsellers because they fit almost all outfits and occasions. As a professional online glasses retailer, we are sometimes inquired for that kind of necklaces. In order to provide our customers with lovely necklaces, we now have a great campaign called Buy One, Get Two Free to send our customers free glasses frame & free glasses necklace!


Like other campaigns, this campaign also lasts for only one week. It started on Oct.2, 2014, and it will end on Oct. 8. During this period of time, when you select two or more frames, you can get free glasses necklace! What’s more, since the campaign is Buy One, Get Two Free, you will be exempted from the less expensive pair of frame of the two chosen pairs of glasses. This is to say you just needn’t pay for the cheaper pairs of frame if you choose two pairs of glasses. If you need detailed information, check to know more about this campaign. Don’t forget to use coupon code frame2 to save a great deal of money! Time is limited, so rush to our site and get a really wonderful deal and perfectly good glasses gift!

New Glasses, New Start!


Hello everyone! We meet again! I hope everything goes well with you and people you love and care! Thank you so much for your concern and your support for our 10-year anniversary in the past two months, and I surely assume that you have had big sales of new quality glasses. If there is something wrong with the time of delivery of your glasses, please give us credibility and patience. Because of the increase of orders, we need more time to process your glasses, so it takes a bit longer time to receive your glasses. Now, the whole anniversary and all the campaigns ended, but we won’t lower our glasses and our services. Instead, we are going to move forward by providing you with better glasses and service. Please   keep an eye on us!

As autumn is approaching, it’s time for you to get your wardrobe refreshed, right? Do you consider changing your glasses, from bright and colorful frames to warm or formal ones, too? Here is a great and appealing campaign of recommended to you.

The campaign is called Enjoy for More Less. You can have various discounts on glasses because of the total amount of money on glasses. The more you spend on glasses, the more discounts you can have, for instance, when your order is over $39, you can have 20% off. If your order is over $69, you can have 30% off. Of course, you can have 40% off when your order is over $129. As usual, the coupon codes 20GS,30GS and 40GS are required if you want to enjoy the wonderful discounts. Visit and buy your unique new autumn eyeglasses!