Thanksgiving Day Sale: Some Coupon Codes You can Use during this Campaign


Hello everyone! How are you? Do you purchase for the holiday season? Do you visited our site for a new pair of eyeglasses? Our last campaign which is intended to celebrate the holiday together with all of our customers is Free Eyeglasses. Customers will get a can have a unique coupon code which is equal to the total amount of their order. Recently, many of them are wondering what kind of coupon code their use besides FIRSTFREE. So, we introduce you some special coupon code available during this period of time.

There are three coupon codes: 5OFF, 15OFF and 50OFF. 5OFF refers to $5 off when your order is over $39, 15OFF means you can have $15 off when your order is over $79. The biggest discount is the 50OFF. You can save $50! The campaign is due on Nov.27th.What’s more, these coupon codes can be applied together with Free Glasses at the same time, which means you can save money directly and have a coupon code set in the last campaign. The more you buy, the more you save! Head to our site now and enjoy the big sale!

Thanksgiving Day: Show Your Gratitude and Care to Others

Thanksgiving Day

Chilling as it is, winter won’t cool our warm heart because of the existence of Thanksgiving Day. When it comes to Thanksgiving Day, it immediately reminds us following things: family union, delicious turkey and other dishes, fun parties and various gifts from families and friends. What’s more, Thanksgiving Day is also a great opportunity to show your gratitude to those you want to say thank you!

As usual, GlassesShop also hopes to thank all of our customers who have bought glasses and made valuable feedback or suggestions which stimulate the advancement of GlassesShop. In order to show our sincere gratitude to your contributions and efforts, we are now holding a special campaign which is a great deal to all of our customers.

The details of the campaign are as follows: the campaign is called Free Glasses. It means you can have a unique coupon code which is equal to the total amount of your order. For example, if you spend $49 buying glasses on our site, you will get a coupon valued $49. The coupon code will directly sent to your email address and it will be valid from Dec.20th,2014 to Mar.31st,2015. The campaign is valid till Nov.27th. Check our site for more information.

A Distinctive Pair of Glasses

Looking at this picture, you might think that this is an ordinary pair of glasses.


But it’s not. If you look closely, you can tell that the temples look a little different than normal temples.


As you may know, temple length is important in glasses when it comes to comfort. But you won’t have to worry about that with this pair. The temples can adjust to the exact length you need them to be.

Not only that, but they also have magnets at the end of the temples. When you want to take off your glasses, instead of having to look for your case or set them down somewhere, you can simply attach the magnetic ends of the temples together around you neck. Simple, easy, and you never have to worry about setting your glasses down somewhere and losing them!

Would you try these glasses?