Have New Geek Eye Wear to Make a Special Halloween


It’s time for you to dress yourself for the coming Halloween. Are you ready about it? Do you also need a pair of new and geek glasses to delight the autumn as well as make yourself different and attractive? This year, GlassesShop will celebrate Halloween together with you! Follow me to know more about the campaign.

As usual, we hold a special campaign in order to provide superior glasses for all our customers. This time, every eye wearer can have 20% OFF of his or her order(s), which means a variety of frames and lens can be bought at lower prices during this campaign. What’s more, customers are more likely to enjoy expedited shipping because it costs them less than before. Last but not least, don’t forget to use the coupon code 20order to save a great sum of money! The campaign will end on Nov.1, so head to our site and buy you and your families favorite spectacles!

Expedited Shipping Upgrading During Holiday Season!!


Hello everyone! We meet again! I sincerely everything is ok with you. Today I am going to bring another piece of good news for you. Do you still remember our last Shipping Upgrading during the past GS 10-year Anniversary which lasted from mid-July to mid-September? During that campaign, many customers enjoyed that campaign by having their glasses delivered with expedited shipping. Now, in order to solve the slow shipping caused by the coming holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and make you receive your glasses faster, we have a special campaign to offer a chance to lower the fees you pay for the expedited shipping.

As we all know, if you want to choose expedited shipping, you have to pay $14.95 when your orders are less than $149. Fortunately, you can attend our campaign to spend less money and yet get quicker shipping. It takes you only $7 of such shipping for orders over $59, and merely $5 for orders over $79. You can even have FREE expedited shipping when your orders are over $99! Under most circumstances, it’ll take you 2-7 days to receive your glasses with processing time excluded.The processing time varies because of the different lenses. For example, single vision takes 2-3 working days, while other lenses need more time. Now, the total time of receiving your glasses is obvious to you,and your patience will be appreciated with the shipping and processing.

There is no coupon code exclusive to this campaign, but you are entitled to use 20ORDER, 30FRAME and FIRSTFREE to have big sales. 20ORDER means you can have 20% OFF of all the glasses on our site. 30FRAME refers to 30% OFF of all the frames due to the coming Veterans Day, and FIRSTFREE is when you buy glasses on our site for the first time, you can have a pair of free glasses besides basic processing and shipping fee.

If you happen to need glasses, check GlassesShop to have superior glasses and enjoy the great campaign of expedited upgrading; if you want to send someone you care, take this opportunity to have big sales. Check our site and know more about the campaign!

Buy Glasses for Veterans: Show Your Care by Helping Them See Better!

Hello everyone! I still hope everything goes well! I don’t know whether or not you bought from our site for glasses necklace, but I truly wish you can have favorite glasses and accessories at the same time. Guess what is the intention of this blog? New campaign? Exactly! There is a new campaign on our site now, which is Veterans Day Sale.

As we all know, a great part of the veterans become aged, and they need glasses to help them see clearly. If you have a veteran grandfather or other veteran relatives, you can surely grab this opportunity to show your care for them. However, this campaign isn’t limited to veterans only. All of you can have this big sale, too.

During this campaign, all the frames have 30% off, and I think many of you have a great chance to get our new and attractive frames. So, in order to get veterans, other old people, such as your parents, grandparents, or yourselves new glasses, visit our site GlassesShop.com and use code 30FRAME to have a great deal!