New arrival of fashion sunglasses: get yourselves protected from the strong sunlight this summer!

Hello everyone! It’s time for us to meet together this week. It is a great moment, isn’t it? Recently, it is spring now, and I am sure most of you take off layers of heavy cloths in winter and wear cooler outfits to go out, right? Have a good time with your families and friends during the precious season! One thing to be remembered is that take care of yourselves when you go out, especially when sunlight becomes vibrating. Sunglasses, together with their great facial accessory function, can well protect you from the damage of the sun. This summer, offers a variety of fashion sunglasses so that you can surely have at least one pair interested. Here are some types we recommend:

Strasbourg Aviator – Golde

Aviator shades are definitely an indispensible part when it turns to summer. This pair of aviator sunglasses is suitable for men and women. Bright lenses are more suitable for fasihionista, and they are also suitable for wearers because prescription lenses can be rimmed in the frame. The added nose pads make it comfortable to wear. Strasbourg is also noticed with its spring hinges so wearers can have greater extension of frames.

Betsy Square – White/Rose

Betsy Square is exclusive to female wearers. The white and rose colored frames add more feminist features to women. The square frames are made suitable for most women, and the superior acetate sunglasses are durable and comfortable to wear. Those who can also get prescription lenses and take off their contact lenses if their do have poor eyesight, but neither bifocal nor progressive lenses are available.

Kama Wayfarer – Black

This pair seems to be surely very popular since their appearance. The classic black frames have their own appealing features, which distinguishes them among a collection of sun shades. The stylish wayfarer lenses offer great protection when you are out in summer. Like the above two pairs mentioned, this pair is available to eye wearers with prescription lenses.

Vitry Wayfarer – Black

Just sunglasses without prescription lenses? Yes, of course we offer! Vitry is non-prescription sunglasses. The black wayfarer lenses are one of women’s favorite types. The plastic frames aren’t expensive but offer the same function with others’. The purchase of them is made easy: you just need to add them in cart, and then pay for them. The left thing you should do is to wait them delivered to your door!

These are four pairs of sunglasses we assure that may interest you. There are more wonderful products for you to explore! Please keep us focused and get yourselves favorite item without making great pressure to your purse!

New Year, New GlassesShop!


Hello everybody, how are you? We haven’t see each other for a long time, have we? Is everything goes well with you during this period of time? Truthfully we hope the answers are all YES! has developed a lot during the past year, with your precious support and feedback appreciated. From now on, offers a new different look publicly to all of you. It may be a little difficult to get used to the new vision at first, but later you’ll find it is much more convenient to purchase with the new vision. Meanwhile, there will inevitably some problems and bugs with our new vision, we’ll be very appreciated if you can inform us via email

What’s more, in order to celebrate this encouraging news, we offer a campaign called Buy One Get One. This means when you buy a pair of glasses, you can choose another pair(the same price or cheaper than that pair) for free. As usual, this purchase will be available with a certain coupon code B1G1. There are a collection of a couple of frames, so it won’t be a task to pick out a pair that interests you. Time to throw on a pair of new eye wear for the coming season!

Black Friday: an Excellent Carnival to Join in to Have Big Sales!


Black Friday: an Excellent Carnival to Join in to Have Big Sales!

Are you busy because you queue for a long time so as to get something you long for at extremely low prices? Did you get them? If so, congratulations! You must be experienced and a lucky person. If you didn’t get it, don’t be depressed. I think you can have them the next Black Friday. Here, I am intended to bring a piece of good news to everyone who sees this blog.

I assume there may be some people who have an idea that the black glasses collections of were introduced one in older posts, and we know that a great number of wearers are fond of black glasses, which leads us to hold such a campaign-50% OFF of Black Glasses Collection.

During this Black Friday, all of our black glasses can be bought at half of their original prices, which means customers who buy black collection can have 50% off. What’s more, these customers can have their package sent to them for free, no matter how much they pay for their glasses. The coupon code available of the campaign is BLACK50.

These are the basic information of this campaign. Check our site for more information. Time is limited. Rush to our site and satisfy your important needs of glasses!