GlassesShop’s 10-year Anniversary – 7th

$1 Glasses: The Best Dollar You’ve Ever Spent!

829-1 $1glasses

Imagine what you can buy with only one dollar? Newspaper? Food? Or second-hand books? Do you think that you can’t get lots of stuff with just $1? Well, there is a great opportunity offered by that you can buy a pair of quality prescription eyeglasses with ONE DOLLOR because now we are holding a special campaign $1 Glasses!

The detailed information of our $1 Glasses campaign is as follows: it last for only one week, from Aug.28 to Sep.3.There are about 60 models of frames available, and a pair of glasses values only $1. Most of the glasses are limited in their quantities because of the low price. So, do you guys know what $1 stand? It means you can get high quality $29.95 glasses, free specified 1.5+ index lens, free anti-scratch coating, free case, cloth & tool as well as 90-Day Money Back Guarantee which cost you more than $129! Are you excited about our $1 glasses? Head over to and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe.

GlassesShop’s 10-year Anniversary – 6th

Buy One Get TWO!


Good news! Buy One Get Two comes again! As the statistics show, the previous campaign Buy One Get One was very popular among all walks of life, and during that time many people enjoyed a big sale of paying for a pair of eyeglasses and then having another pair for free. Sadly, more people didn’t seize that great opportunity to get affordable glasses, so holds another campaign which is similar but will be more appealing to all the customers because each of them can enjoy Free Frames and Free Coating at the same time this time. Go visit our site for more details and get your really, really affordable glasses!

GlassesShop’s 10-year Anniversary – 5th

5th week: Back to school: 50% OFF of New Collection


If you shopped on our website, you know we didn’t have discounts on new arrivals, which was

a great pity to those who wanted to have sales on new arrivals. Now, from today to next

Wednesday, provides you with a precious opportunity to get new glasses at

cheaper prices in order to make students become prepared to be back to school.
The new glasses available for young glasses wearers are various. From cat-eye to wayfarer

glasses, from round to rectangle glasses, you surely can choose at least one pair that is

suitable for you. In addition, most of our new collections are plastic, leaving young

wearers lots of choices to make. Are you eager to have a try? Don’t hesitate to buy a pair

of chic eyeglasses at so that you become trendy and eye-catching when you go

back to school!