Black Eyeglasses Sale: A Great Chance to Throw on Classic Eye Wear

Hello everybody, do you have a wonderful week last week? We are looking forward to hearing from you to know your stories. As usual, we are busy preparing wonderful campaigns for you. This week, we have a sale for retro black eyeglasses. The design of the campaign is due to the reason that we know black eyeglasses is indispensable in your daily life. You need to have at least one pair of such glasses in your wardrobe so as to match your diversified outfit to have different looks. So, in order to meet your needs of black eyeglasses, please spend a minute to follow me and keep an eye on the sale itself.

There are more than 150 black frames on our site, and they differ from each other in design shape, color, material and price, leaving a plenty of choices for eye wear fans. Almost all the frames you want are listed in the sale, so go ahead to find a pair that fits you. During this sale, discounts on glasses should be stressed. There will be 3 types of discounts, 30% discount, 50% discount up to 70% discounts will be applied to different frames, and you’ll surprisingly find that a group of eyeglasses are as low as $13.97! What an amazing price! What’s more, if your order is above $59, you can have another 20% off of your order. Crazy, right? So, if it is the right thing you need, don’t miss the chance to have new look with less budget!

Select any Elite Eyeglasses and Get 25% off Plus Free Expedited Shipping

Hello everyone! It’s time we met again! Do you have a fantastic week last week? Do you have anything to share with us? Well, this week is quite a busy week for us due to the increased orders. We need to process more glasses and answer more questions and doubts, but we still feel appreciated and grateful for your purchase from our site. I guess that some of you may wonder why there is no logo on the frames. Instead, the GS logo is just printed on the microfiber clean cloth and the case, but now we have such logo on a collection of elite products. What’s better is that now we have a campaign about these products for these who love and want some identical eye wear.


The campaign goes like that: if you choose one of the elite eyeglasses among the total 16 frames on our site, you can have your total order 25% off plus free expedited shipping. Is that a thing that interests you?  These frames are of superior acetate material, and the popular shapes of rectangle, wayfarer and cat eye leave you several choices. What’s more, the classic black color makes them trendy still and suitable for both male and female.

What’s more, as usual, there is a coupon code for it-Elite 25. The campaign is to promote the collection of elite eyeglasses that we prepare exclusive to you. So, please rush to get them if they appeal you.

Labor Day Sale: UP TO 40% OFF Your Entire Order

Hello everyone! How was your week last week? We have a really busy week with a rapid increase of orders from you. Thanks so much for buying glasses from our site. From this week, we are going to celebrate the Labor Day. We know that big campaigns are necessary and exciting, so this time this post is intended to share the Labor Day sale with you.

labor day sale
As usual, this campaign applies the common-used rule of other campaigns, i.e. discounts on your orders, and you can even know the discounts from the banner we offered. There are four discounts as to different amounts of orders, and each coupon code available is also listed. One thing you should pay attention to is that this time sale items are included in the campaign.

FYI, recently there is a collection of new arrivals which may interest you. They are high recommended because of their trendy style as well as high quality. So, seize the chance and throw on gorgeous eyewear!