Back to School Sale GS Intends to Embrace The New Semester with You

Hello everyone! How are you recently I miss all of you so much! How time flies! New semester is around the corner. Are you ready for it Are you excited for it, or you just wish the vacation could be longer As far as I am concerned, coming back to school is not a bad thing you can meet your pals in the campus, and you can do more studies and researches, etc. meanwhile, I think you can have a better now look to welcome the once again back-to-school season. New eyeglasses will be a great idea!

Today, I also want to share a piece of good news to you. From now on till Aug.27th, we are holding a campaign in order to celebrate this season with you. During this period of time, all frames, except for sunglasses and sale ones, will be 30% OFF with Free 1.50 SV lenses. You might know that we have a collection of new-arrivals, and all of them can be more affordable than their original prices.
As usual, the available coupon code is FRAME30. Please don’t forget to use it at the checkout. It’s great time of this campaign. You place an order, and then we process them and then ship them out to you. After that, you’ll have a pair of new and chic eyeglasses when you are back to school. So, go rock a pair and have better look on you!

GS Mid-Year Sale: 4th Week: Buy One Get One Campaign – get your loved ones eye wear!

Hello everyone! It’s time we met again! Do you have anything to share during the past week? We do have something to tell you. As time flies, our mid-year sale comes to the end, and we want to organize a more appealing and amazing campaign to make the sale perfectly come to the close. After some discussions and questionnaires, we finally have another popular campaign- Buy One Get One! Are you excited about it?

I think you might be familiar with this campaign if you have ever bought glasses from This campaign means that when you purchase a pair of glasses or sunglasses, you can get another pair for free. The free pair will cost no more than the other pair, but they can also have free 1.50 SV lenses. You can spend a few minutes to know more about the campaign if you don’t understand it at all. The coupon code is still B1G1 which will help cut the price of the less expensive ones.
What’s more, you may notice that we have a new collection of products with logo on them. You can have free expedited shipping if you choose any of them. The reason why we offer such kind of service is that we want our mid-year sale more beneficial. Let us know anything new with you. We really love to hear from you. Wish all of you have a great week!

GS Mid-year Sale:Buy More Save More Campaign

Hello everyone! Are you all right during this week? What are you busy at? Did you spend some time discovering our mid-year big sale? Today, we come to our 3rd week campaign-the popular Buy More Save More, and this time you can have the opportunity to enjoy $100 off if your order is more than $259! Extremely excited? Now, here are the details of the campaign.


From today to the next Wednesday, your order will be automatically cut a certain amount of money when it reaches one of the criteria, with shipping fee excluded. For instance, you will save $10 when your order is more than $49 using the coupon code SALE10, and you can surely save $20 if the product price is above $79, etc.

There is no limits to the products you choose, so you can get new-arrival eyeglasses, clip-on sunglasses and so on. Visit and throw on new eye wear!