Eyeglasses are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to corrective lenses. Nowadays, people are not only content with the correction of visual acuity, but also the style and individuality a pair of glasses can bring. At, our virtual try-on online application helps you pick out a frame that perfectly flatters your face. This application allows you to upload a photo- that you may modify the size of the frame or position- to see the various angles. Compare several styles to find the best fit!


Because of the limitation of online shopping, you can not tell if the frame fits you or not, GlassesShop provides two approaches to determine if the frame would fit you.

To get an appropriate frame, the most important is for lens width. PD is closely related to lens width, there is a certain proportion between them. If your prescription does not include PD information, do not just write it of your will. You may call your optometrist, or refer to our "Measure PD at Home".

Measure your existing glasses
Each of the frames at GlassesShop has its size, we suggest you measure your glasses so as to see if the size of the frame you chose at GlassesShop is close to yours before you buy. 1 or 2 millimeters is acceptable.

Face collocation

  • Round shape

    With a rounded face shape, the forehead is rounded, and the jaw is wide. Long and thin frames are recommended to flatter this particular face shape. Because round faces are often accompanied with strong cheeks, square or sharp line frames will not make your face look rounder. Stick with cool colors, such as blue, dark brown, and black. When picking out frames, try to avoid round or oval styles and bright colors, as these can add bulk to the face.

    Recommended Frames: Rectangle Eyeglasses; Square Eyeglasses; Cat Eye Eyeglasses

  • Rectangle shape

    Rectangular shaped faces are generally long, narrow, and thin, with a high forehead and low jaw. For this shape, we recommend frames with thick rims. Thick rims help to divert attention from face shape, instead putting the focus on the eyes. Therefore, oval or arc-shaped frames with thick temples are recommended. Bright and dark colors are suggested over light and pale colors. Try to avoid frames with wide temples.

    Recommended Frames: Full Frame Glasses

  • Square shape

    Characteristics of square shaped faces include wide cheeks and a sharp jaw. To soften any strong lines, round and oval frames are recommended. A frame that is wider than your face is ideal. Neutral browns and tans will flatter your face, while small and narrow frames will not.

    Recommended Frames: Oval Eyeglasses; Round Eyeglasses; Cat-eye Eyeglasses

  • Oval shape

    Oval faces are thought to have the most balanced proportions and the ideal shape. An oval face shape has wide cheeks and a narrow chin. People with oval faces should consider themselves lucky, as they will look good in almost any pair of glasses.

    Recommended Frames: All Eyeglasses

  • Heart shape

    Heart-shaped faces are generally had the widest part of the face at the top and the narrowest part at the bottom. When choosing glasses for heart-shaped faces, the goal should be to minimize the width of the top of the face and to broaden the chin. Heart faces should avoid frames that could exaggerate the width of the forehead or the narrowness of the chin.

    Recommended Frames: Wayfarer Eyeglasses; Cat-eye Eyeglasses

  • Quite short face

    A shorter face can have the characteristics of any face shape, so it is important to follow the rules above. However, transparent grounding frames or combined frames with a high stake can add length to the face. Rimless or semi-rimless frames are recommended.

    Recommended Frames: Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses; Rimless Eyeglasses.