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Vintage Eyeglasses Make a New Fashion Statement

Nowadays vintage eyeglasses are the rage, favored by style conscious people. Eyeglasses have developed to meet special needs for those who wear them for fashion than those who wear them to correct eye problems like myopia.

Eyeglasses Clearance Sale from

Unprecedented clearance sale starts at from July 28 to August 4. For all customers, old and new, come and pick up your favorite eye glasses which all come in different styles. This promotion lasts one week only.

Clean Your Eyeglasses in a Correct Way

While we pay more attention on the aesthetic purpose and its function as eye protection, we may ignore the maintenance of eyeglasses. Improper maintenance may also do harm to your eyes. Give your eyeglasses tender care and your visual environment clean by having your eyeglasses cleaned regularly and correctly.