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Some Food Good For Eyesight

Carrots.First, we mentioned carrots! Yes, these veggies help your eyes by supplying beta-carotene, which strengthens night vision. But as these slides have shown, you don’t need to have a bunny-like  appetite to treat your eyes.. Kale and spinach.Just one cup of either of these cooked veggies is packed with more than 20 milligrams of lutein and zeaxanthin—two  nutrients that do wonders for your eyes. Other sources include collards,  turnip greens, corn, green peas, broccoli, romaine lettuce, and green beans Salmon.Salmon is rich in B-vitamins, both ofwhich can help protect eyes. Salmon is particularly rich in the B-vitaminniacin; Salmon’s healthy fats may also help protect light receptor cells in the eye from damage by sunlight and free radicals. Eggs.Start your day off with an egg or two to keep your vision on track. Eggs contain proteins that are beneficial to the lens of your eye. The yolk is equally good for you as it helps prevent eye diseases as you age.

Eyeglasses—a Defining Part of Your Style

Eyeglasses is considered a part of your fashion style, similar to how clothing allows you to express yourself. For some of us, cool glasses are a necessity. Even some people like glasses so much they get ones with plain glass in them because they don’t even have bad eye sight and wear them only for [...]

Our 1.56 Trivex Lenses are ON SALE!

These lenses really have it all ~ UV protection clear vision, lightweight comfort and great durability! The material our Trivex lenses are made from is actually one of the lightest lens materials anywhere which makes the glasses wear more comfortably. The durability stems from the high impact resistance which makes them an ideal safety choice [...]