It’s Awards Season, with Glasses!

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It’s not that often that you see celebrities wearing glasses on the red carpet, but when you do—you take notice. Though uncommon, glasses with formal wear can be fashionable, chic and bold. Glasses are part of who you are, so there’s no reason to change that just because you are dressing up for an occasion.

Take last week’s Golden Globes, for example. Many celebrities chose to wear glasses with their dresses and they looked amazing. Meryl Streep and Megan Mullally chose black-rimmed, cat eye styles to accompany their looks. Diane Keaton’s wayfarer style glasses went perfectly with the suit she chose to wear.

Not everyone chose classic, black-rimmed styles. Stephanie Beatriz wore a clear cat eye style on stage that we LOVED. Martin Scorsese wore a pair of dark, red-rimmed glasses that were just the perfect shade to stand out, but not be too over the top.

So, next time you’re planning your red carpet-worthy formal, don’t forget to amplify your style with a striking pair of affordable and fashionable eyeglasses from!

Glasses could be Life-Savers

brokenFor those of us who heavily rely on our eyeglasses, we consider them lifesavers. But for a 16-year-old in Seattle, her glasses were a lifesaver for a completely different reason on an evening in December.

The pair of glasses that Alonza Bryant was wearing on December 21st, amazingly, deflected a bullet that was shot her way in a drive-by shooting. The frames saved her from a potentially deadly outcome. The bullet struck and broke the bridge of her glasses but only caused minor injuries to her face… talk about amazing!

Start this year off right and treat yourself to a new pair of glasses—they could save your life!

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