The Most Popular Eyeglasses for Women

Women want to become gorgeous, and they love all kinds of decorations that make them look better, eyeglasses being not an exception. As to glasses, do you know what kinds of glasses are the most popular among women? The cat eye glasses! These cat eye glasses are exclusive to women and make women more charming.


Cat eye glasses are famous for their horn rim and flared outer edges where the arms meet the frames. Cat eye glasses were first made before 1950s. They were not so famous and attractive until two famous female stars Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn wearing cat eye glasses starred their works after 1950s. Inspired by these actresses, more and more women wore cat eye glasses to look cool.

Now, there are various cat eye glasses with different sizes and colors. Among them, the most popular cat eye glasses are wayfarer cat eye glasses which are colorful and have thick frames.

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Ten years

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