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Exciting news for all dear customers! launches $1 campaign again. Did you join last time? How did you feel about it? This time more discount glasses frames are included: 10 types of discount glasses with gorgeous and various designs, whose original prices are all $29.95. Have you been prepared? Let’s start. Time Period: The [...]

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Did you join our one-dollar deal last September? How exciting it was at that time! Now it comes again with more selections. All 10 discount glasses frames, whose original prices were $29.95, have been on sale at only $1. If you didn’t join us last time, don’t miss it now. Time: The deal ends on [...]


Ways to Use and Take Care of Acetate Eyelasses

Why are so many people choosing acetate eyeglasses? There are many advantages of acetate itself. Firstly, acetate is difficult to burn, very light, and free from color change under the ultraviolet radiation. Its hardness, good gloss and durability win much popularity. What’s more, it’s also famous for elegant design and no deformation ever after long-time [...]