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Oval Eyeglasses Frames Give You an Energetic and Modern Look

Today would like to introduce two designs of oval eyeglasses frames. You may wonder ask why we prefer oval shapes. Oval eyeglasses frames can really give people a look with full personality, especially for women. Here we go. Oval Eyeglasses Frames 1027 These frames are simple and perfect for everyday class with their unique [...]

How to Choose Fashion Eyeglasses Frames-from Geek to Chic

Prescription eyeglasses used to be thought as an ugly accessory on the nose, even the synonym of bookworm. Girls are even afraid of wearing a pair of thick-glass spectacles. However, eyeglasses can also appear on a fashion show. Some people wear them despite the fact that they don’t have any eye problems. Are you tired [...] Launches $1 Campaign for 10 Types of Discount Glasses Frames

Exciting news for all dear customers! launches $1 campaign again. Did you join last time? How did you feel about it? This time more discount glasses frames are included: 10 types of discount glasses with gorgeous and various designs, whose original prices are all $29.95. Have you been prepared? Let’s start. Time Period: The [...]