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PD:53-79 Bifocal Progressive Spring Hinge
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Skyline - Black

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Retail Price: $99.75

Sale $12.95 (was $19.95)

You Save: $86.80Review(5)

$129 Value FREE with every frame

  • Single Vision Lenses
  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Protective Case
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


140mm 135mm 55mm 33mm 15mm
5.51in 5.31in 2.17in 1.3in 0.59in

Product Details

  • Name: Skyline
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • SKU: FP0052
  • Frame: Full
  • Gender: Women|Men
  • Material: Plastic

Another fantastic design especially for dedicated fashion lovers. These bold and beautiful medium width eyeglasses make a huge impact. They features spring hinges making them super comfortable to wear. and the plastic frame is robust and durable.

FP0052 FP0052-1

  • Ausencio Flores 01:36 March 2 2014,

    After a few months of daily wear the paint at the back started peeling, but it's no problem if you're handy like me and just made them ombre. Besides that, they're lovely, nerdy glasses. My only real complaint is that the nose width is a bit snug and I have to wear them a bit lower on my nose, but admittedly I do have a somewhat wide nose. Still definitely worth the purchase.

  • Louis Lau 12:40 October 23 2013,

    These are a great deal for the price! I feel like their very stylish and suit my needs perfectly.

  • Beverly Escobedo 23:49 August 7 2013,

    I bought the skyline and their peeled from the ear area after like 2 months of daily use. I bought the matt black because I really like the frame. I dont think these will peel but will let you know.

  • Ghia Kelly 11:22 May 17 2013,

    A little nerdy but I love em!

  • Yousef Reda 00:30 May 16 2013,

    Excellent value - for the price, the materials are top notch. They're comfortable to wear on my face. I would say I have about an average size head (my PD is 67) and the glasses are slightly large in a hipster/nerdy kinda way. I'll likely buy another pair in case I lose these.

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