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How do I place an order with GlassesShop?

Purchasing eyeglasses at GlassesShop.com couldn’t be easier. In just a few clicks, you can have high-quality yet affordable eyeglasses sent straight to your doorstep.

Step 1: Filtering the catalogue

Start your search for prescription eyeglasses on the top blue bar where you can select from men's glasses or women's glasses, full, semi and rimless frames, shapes (rectangle, oval, square, round) and materials and frame width .On the left hand side you can further refine your search by price, lens type (multi focal or single vision) size and color.

Step 2: Frames at a glance

After selecting your frames, note the overview details – Which lens can be fitted in this frame and what is the frame size (Learn about frame sizes below) To virtually try your frame on, click Tryon and upload an image of yourself. If this is your first time to buy prescription eyeglasses online, we strongly recommend you read our how do I read my prescription?

Step 3: Choose the purpose that you will use your glasses for

1.Choose your glasses for

2.Enter you "PD"

3.Please select lens thickness.

We offer lenses with different index. The higher the prescription, the thinner and lighter the lens recommended.

4.Please input you prescription.

Not sure how to enter you prescription?

Step 4: Go to your shopping cart to confirm you order, and then proceed to checkout.

Notice: If you haven't logged in, our system will ask you to log in or create your account at this step.

Step 5: Checkout

1.Shipping Address

2.Confirm you order

3. Thank you for you order