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What Kind of Glasses is Suitable to Wear in Spring?

What Kind of Glasses is Suitable to Wear in Spring?


With the temperature gradually warming up, we finally welcomed the beautiful spring. Now, in the early spring, all things are recovering, it is a good time to enjoy the flowers. Spring is so beautiful, so why not go out for a walk, feel the vitality of spring, and get close to nature?


Why are UV rays More Harmful in Spring?


Many people think that spring will reduce the damage of UV rays on their eyes, so they don't need to put on polarized glasses or sunglasses every day before going out. In fact, this idea is not correct!
Experts point out that UV rays are still strong in spring and are even more harmful than in summer! Because of the pleasant scenery in spring, people spend more time in outdoor activities. So eye protection is still urgent in spring!


How do we choose the suitable glasses for spring?

Firstly, we can choose sports glasses that are specifically designed for exercise. Because its material will be better and not easy to slip. Spring is a wonderful season, we may go out for a spring outing or go climbing with our friends. In addition, we should also choose lightweight glasses, so that they don't compress the bridge of our nose all the time. Meanwhile, travelling generally requires a long time in the outdoors, relatively heavy glasses will make us feel uncomfortable. We are supposed to make full use of this good time of spring to relax, so comfort is the most important.



Secondly, when it comes to spring and summer, the most fashionable item is definitely sunglasses. In addition to the need for sun protection, sunglasses worn by adults are also very necessary for driving. This requires the lens must be polarized, so as to ensure that the light is not dazzling and vision is clearer, which can make sure the safety of driving.


How to Choose Lenses Colors of Sunglasses?

The functional features of the lenses as well as personal requirements of colors are all needed to consider. Sunglasses lenses can also be made in a variety of colors, such as gray, brown, etc.


1. Gray lenses: They can absorb infrared ray and 98% UV. The biggest advantage of the gray lenses is that they will not change the original color of the scene because of the lenses, and it can reduce the intensity of light very effectively. The gray lenses can absorb any color spectrum evenly, so the scenery will only be darkened, but there will be no obvious color difference, which can bring the true natural feeling. Besides, gray belongs to the neutral color system which is in line with all people.


2. Pink lenses: Pink can absorb 95% UV. But if they are also used for the correction of vision glasses, it is advisable for the lady who wear glasses frequently to choose the light red lenses, because absorption function of the light red lenses is better, and can make the overall light intensity reduced, so the wearer will feel more comfortable.


3. Light purple lenses: Like pink lenses, they are more popular among mature women because of their relatively dark color.


4. Tawny lenses: Absorbing 100% UV, tawny lenses can filter a lot of blue light and improve visual contrast and clarity, which makes them popular with wearers. Especially in cases of serious air pollution or fog, the wearing effect is better. Generally, they can block the reflected light on smooth and bright surfaces, while still allowing the wearer to see fine details. They are an ideal choice for drivers.


5. Light blue lenses: Light blue lenses are suitable for the beach, blue can effectively filter the light blue sea and sky reflection. Blue lenses should be avoided when driving because they can confuse us with the colors of traffic signals.


6. Green lenses: Green lenses can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% UV. While absorbing light, it maximizes the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for people whose eyes are easily tired.


Are there Glasses Lenses that can be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors?


On those hazy spring days, it can be difficult to decide between wearing your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Transitions lenses lighten or darken depending on the surrounding light level, making your life that little bit easier.



Transitions lenses are brand photochromic lenses, which contain patented photochromic dyes. The lenses are fully clear indoors and are more responsive to sunlight, so they are darker when you need them to be. When exposed to strong light, they will become colored lenses so as to protect your eyes, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Transitions lenses can darken rapidly under sunlight and ultraviolet irradiation, completely absorb ultraviolet light and have neutral absorption to visible light. Once we come back to the dark, they can quickly restore colorless transparent.


Transitions lenses are mainly used in the open field or indoor workplace with strong light, they can prevent the sun, ultraviolet light, and damage to our eyes.


Spring is coming! Why not go out for a walk and get close to nature? Let's choose one kind of new glasses which is suitable for the beautiful spring!