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Optical FAQ

Help/ Inquiries
We're available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST. If we miss you for some odd reason, we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We’re here for you and we'll do everything that we can to make sure you love our eyewear.
Questions by category
How do I get a prescription? does not provide eye exams or write prescriptions for eyeglasses. Please visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist to obtain both an eye exam and a prescription. They should provide you with a written copy of your prescription before you leave, but you can always ask for one if they don't. Please also ask your doctor to measure and record your pupillary distance (or PD) on your prescription. Your pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between the centers of your pupils. It is used to properly align your lenses and ensure accurate vision. Check how to measure PD at home here.
What do I need in order to place an order for prescription glasses?
To purchase a pair of prescription glasses, all you need is your eyeglass prescription. We also recommend that you provide your pupillary distance (or PD) . We will follow up with you via email if we have any questions about your order or if we need any additional prescription information.
I'm unsure about how to enter my prescription online. Can I send it to you instead?
Of course! You can email us a copy at , upload it to our website during the checkout process. When you send us your prescription, please include your name, email address, and order number so that we can match up the prescription to the correct customer or order record.
Who checks my order to make sure I haven't entered anything that is obviously wrong?
Our team reviews every single order for prescription glasses. If we come across anything out of the ordinary or clearly incorrect, we will email or call you to clarify. Keep in mind that because prescriptions can differ greatly from person to person, we are unlikely to catch prescription entry errors unless you have provided us with a copy of your prescription (which you can do by either uploading a scan or picture of it during checkout, or emailing the file to after placing your order).
Can I order frames without prescription lenses?
Definitely! Once you've picked the frames you like, you can select “Non-prescription” option to customize your glasses to be plano glasses.
Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?
Unfortunately, contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions are different. The simple reason is because contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, while eyeglasses are held in front of your eyes. Though the prescriptions may appear similar, they will differ in strength and are not interchangeable. We cannot - and, for your safety, would not — use your contact lens prescription to make your glasses.
Do you have extra processing fee?
The extra “$8.95 processing fee" will appear when your PD is too small for the frame or your prescription is beyond the corrective capacity of the lenses you chose. In both cases, additional special Lab work is required to process your lenses. So we will have to charge extra processing fee for it.
What do the three frame measurements mean?
The frame measurements on each product’s page are listed as three numbers. The first number refers to the width of one lens in millimeters, the second number to the width of the nose bridge in millimeters, and the third to the length of the temple arms in millimeters. Most glasses (including all glassesshop frames) have these numbers printed on the inside of the temple arm.
How can I choose the right frame?
First, use the Virtual Try-On to test which frame shape works best for you. Then, compare your current glasses' measurements to the frames' measurements on our website. This should give you a good sense. Usually you'll find a series of numbers on the inside of the frame, something similar to 50.18.140, for example. Those numbers represent, respectively, lens width, bridge width and temple arm length.
How can I choose a frame if I have a high prescription?
Generally, we recommend full rim frames in small sizes for high prescription, the smaller the better. We recommend plastic or acetate for high prescriptions. We do not recommend metal rimless frame because the slot of the metal frame is narrow and the lens cannot be embedded tightly. Even it is embedded; you will feel heaviness in the front of the glasses.
What types of frames do you sell?
We offer a variety of Plastic, Acetate, Metal, Titanium, TR-90, Ultem, Silica-Gel and Stainless Steel. All of our frames are hypoallergenic and come complete with complimentary case and cleaning cloth. For a complete list please click on our online catalog.
I don't have a prescription, can I get non-prescription lenses fit into the frames?
Absolutely, on the lens page, please click on the 'Non-prescription' for lens type and we will send you the frames with plano lenses.
Do you offer children's frame?
Yes. Please check this link /kids-eyeglasses.
Are there any limitations for Bifocals or Progressive Freeform lens?
Yes, not all frames are doable with Bifocals or Progressive. The lens height of the frame should be at least 30mm. We want to make it easier for you to identify which frame can or can't be done with Bifocal or Progressive by putting a check or cross mark on the item page. If you need more advice, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.
What if my frames need adjusting after I get them?
Most optical stores will do minor adjustments for a small fee or even for free! If you still have problems after that, give us a call at 800-917-7083 or send us an e-mail.
How to Take Care of Your Glasses?
Don’t leave your glasses in a hot area, especially on the dash of a car parked in the sun. The heat can warp the frame and damage the lenses.

Don’t set your glasses close to sinks or vanities since your glasses are likely to get splashed or exposed to corrosive substances in these areas.
What forms of payment do you accept?
For purchase orders, we do accept PayPal, Amazon Pay and all major credit cards, and debit cards with a Master Card/Visa/Discover /JCB logo. Glassesshop PayPal account:
Do you accept cash and cheques?
Currently, we don't accept cash, cheques and money order. We only accept PayPal, Amazon Pay and all major credit cards, and debit cards with a Master Card/Visa/Discover /JCB logo.
Can I pay using my Flex Spending or Health Savings Account card?
Yes, as long as your FSA or HSA card is affiliated with a major credit card.
Can I get a invoice?
Yes, you can download the invoice from your order account, or you can request this from our customer service reps by email at and we will be happy to email you a copy of the invoice. This invoice can be used by customers who need it for reimbursement by their insurance companies or work place
How long do I have to use the funds in my Flexible Spending Account?
If you don't use all of the money you've put in your FSA for the year, you lose the money that's in your account when the plan year ends. Most FSA plans end on December 31, but your plan may offer a grace period until March. Please check with your employer to find out the terms for your plan.
Is the Payment page Secure?
Yes. We utilize industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and other critically sensitive information like your credit card details during checkout. Information passed between your computer and our website cannot be read in the event someone else intercepts it.
What is your guarantee and return policy?
If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, or made a mistake during the order, please contact our customer service team within 30 days after receiving the products, we’ll provide free exchange (only shipping fees will apply) or a 50% refund. Each order is eligible for a one-time exchange/return. For exchanges or orders placed with store points, there is no second time return. Click here to see details.
Can you replace the lenses in my Glassesshop frames?
We are happy to put new lenses into your Glassesshop frames. You only need to pay for the lens price and shipping fee. If it is the 1.50 single vision lens, the cost is $5 — much less than the cost of buying new high-quality lenses at an optical shop! Just email us at
Can you replace the lenses in my non–Glassesshop frames?
Unfortunately we cannot put new lenses into your non–Glassesshop frames. Our lab is only equipped to handle our very own Glassesshops.
I've received my glasses but would like to return them. How can I do this?
Please follow the steps below:
1. Contact our Customer Service Department at to approve the return.
2. All returns must be returned in their unworn, original, condition, in the original case include an eyeglass case and lens cleaning cloth. Package your glasses securely and make sure to include your name, contact information order number and why you returned the glasses.
3. We recommend shipping your return by a traceable method. ( is not responsible for shipping damages or lost shipments.)
4. Once your return is received, we will process refund in 7 working days. Your refund will be credited back to your original method of payment. Once your refund has been processed, it will take 7 to 10 business days for your bank to process the credit and apply it to your account. Questions? Concerns? Email us at or call our Customer Service Department at Toll Free 1-855-202-0123 or contact us via live chat. Our hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon to Fri. (EST)
What do I need before placing an order for prescription glasses?
To purchase a pair of prescription glasses, all you need is your eyeglass prescription and your pupillary distance (or PD). Have no idea of what we're talking about? Don’t worry! We will follow up with you via email if we have any questions about your order or if we need any additional prescription information.
How do I place a purchase order for prescription or non-prescription glasses?
Once you’ve found a frame you love, simply click the Orange "select lens" button on any product page to add it to your order. During checkout, you will be asked to select the type of glasses you would like to purchase. Click here to see details.
How do I submit my eyeglass prescription?
You can choose to enter your prescription directly on the website during checkout, upload the prescription on the order page, or email a picture or scan of the prescription to Please include your name and order number in the email. If you placed the order for someone else, please be sure to include both your name and the name of the patient listed on the prescription.
How do I change or cancel my order?
We process orders rather quickly but we will do our best to accommodate any order modifications. The best way to change or cancel an order is to give us a call at 1-855-202-0123, Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm ET, or email us at Please include "Change/Cancel Order" and "order number" in the subject of the email. If your order is under processing, we will need to charge 50% of original lenses for handling as the lenses are useless and we will start over to remake a new pair of lenses for you. Or you can return it and reorder.
I need my glasses fast! Can I pay for expedited shipping?
If for any reason you need to receive your glasses fast, please choose the expedited shipping. Please notice it only for fast delivery. We may not shorten the process time.
I’m having trouble with the website. Help!
If the website is giving you trouble, we first recommend that you sign out of your account (if applicable), close out of the browser you are using, and try opening our website in a different browser. We’ve found that customers using Firefox as their web browser tend to have more issues with the site, whereas customers using Safari or Chrome have the least. If you continue to have issues, or if you are having any trouble, please contact us at
Which countries do you serve?
We cooperate with world-renowned express companies such as USPS/FEDEX and guarantee safe and timely delivery of your glasses. We are also glad to ship to international customers and to APO/FPO address. Click here to see details.
Will I be charged for any extra payment expect for the products and shipping charges?
A certain amount of import duty may apply for some countries. Sorry for that we can't assume your import customs. Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country customs authorities. Please contact the local custom for a specific amount of it. It may take 7-10 business days.
How do you handle shipping delays?
From time to time, shipping delay occurs due to various reasons. We kindly remind you to enter your address correctly with proper cases, spaces and punctuations. If you'd like to have your order shipped to a company address, please don't forget to write the company name as the integral part of your shipping address. In case the shipping delay occurs, please contact us or the courier service company for the most recent status.