New Holiday Collection


Hello everyone! It’s time we met again:) How was your last week? We assume that some of you begin to prepare for the holiday season, right? I know some of you find gifts from various 2015 Holiday Gift Guides, and others are trying to offer such information. Whatever your needs are, we disclose such new holiday collection so as to offer some ideas of gifts preparation this year, and now here are some of the new arrivals.

Shreve Wayfarer – Tortoise

Shreve Wayfarer - Tortoise
Shreve Wayfarer is made from superior acetate material, which is comfortable to wear. The trendy wayfarer shape and classic tortoise make eye wearers an extremely geek look. The delicate key-hole design helps to wear them steadily on the nose. They are suitable for both daily outfits and street style.


Charles Oval – Gray

Charles Oval - Gray
This pair of eyeglasses is made for both men and women. Generally speaking, round and oval frames are better suitable for women instead of men. However, as the banner shows, Charles Oval looks awesome on male model. So if you are a man who wants geek chic with fashionable glasses, Charles Oval is definitely a wonderful choice. The gray color fits both men and women, and the acetate will be a surprise for you when you get them. There will be burgundy and black vision of this type, which leaves more choices for you if the gray one doesn’t appeal to you.

There are still more eyeglasses available for you, and I am sure you’ll find one that is made for you. So how about browsing us for your favorite pair? It is worth getting them!

Halloween Carnival: GS Invites You to Join in Us!

Hello everyone? What are you busy at recently? Let me guess. You must be busy preparing pumpkin lantern and attractive costumes, right? Indeed, Halloween is one of the most exciting and wonderful festivals, and I know you must spend lots of time and energy planning it. As usual, also organizes a series of campaigns and sales so as to celebrate it with you.


Today I want to share with you the first Halloween-related sale is the cat eye glasses and sunglasses sale. As you might notice, we have a special collection of cat eye frames on our site where various cat eye glasses and sunglasses are listed. They vary from each other in color, material and prices. We assume cat eye frames will make you look more distinguished and attractive with unique costumes and makeup among throngs of people, so we highlight them and have them had 30% off of the entire order. Since we seldom do campaigns about cat eye frames, anyone of you are better to rush for them if they do appeal to you.

Although cat eye frames are women-exclusive, male wearers can still take part in our campaign. You can buy them for female wearers as a gift to show your care and love to them. Last but not least, there will be more campaigns later about Halloween, and you are welcome to join us in the carnival. We’ll try our best to offer high quality eyeglasses and superior service to all of you. Happy holiday!

New Arrival of Vintage Eyeglasses: A Chance to Have New Look!

Hello everyone, it’s time we met again. How is it going last week? Is everything ok with all of you? This week we have a new collection of vintage glasses. Are you interested in them?

In order to meet a group of vintage fans’ needs for stylish and functional outfit as well as glasses, we pick out a collection of trendy vintage frames for all of you. Here are two kinds of them:

LosAltos Round – Tortoise/Golden

The round golden shape recalls the classic 1980s right? The memories of famous movies and TV series will immediately come out and remind you the past times. LosAltos is suitable for all of you.

Clementine Cat-Eye – Tortoise

Clementine Cat-Eye is exclusive for women. The cat eye design makes women more attractive and charming. The tortoise will also show your great taste of fashion. The superior plastic frame is light and durable to wear.

There are still other great vintage products on our site, so I believe you’ll definitely have one that appeals to you. FYI, there is a campaign for them: all of them will have 30% OFF now. Use the code GSSAIL at checkout and get them with little money!