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4 Types of Glasses Suitable for Outdoor Activities

4 Types of Glasses Suitable for Outdoor Activities

Spring is coming now, so outdoor activities are very popular. For youngsters, playing basketball, football, and badminton are their favorite sports. However, since they are team sports, it is inevitable to have collisions with each other. Therefore, for nearsighted people, whenever they want to play, they must wear eyewear. Otherwise, they won't be able to clearly see their opponent, let alone see where the ball is. Additionally, if the other person knocks their eyeglasses off during the collision, they may become disoriented or even fall down and hurt themselves. Furthermore, their glasses may also be damaged or even broken.


When Playing Outdoor Sports, What Kind of Glasses should We Choose?

1. Sports Eyeglasses

There are roughly two reasons for choosing sports glasses.

1)Vision Correction

Poor eyesight can be detrimental to athletes, but ordinary glasses cannot stay in place during intense movement and may fall off or slide off. However, if they are used for sports, they can be securely fastened with a belt, making you feel comfortable to play, which turns into an advantage for you.

2)Eye Protection

When playing ball games such as soccer, baseball, and tennis, your eyes may hurt if you are hit by the ball. To protect your eyes from accidental injury, wearing protective sports glasses with high impact resistance is effective that also helps to eliminate UV rays in outdoor games.


2. Goggles

Protective goggles are a kind of filter that can change the intensity and spectrum of light. The most effective and common way to protect your eyes from radiation is to wear protective goggles. These glasses absorb some wavelengths of light and let others through, so they all appear a certain color.
Goggles are a type of glasses that prevent damage to the eyes by altering the intensity and spectrum of light that passes through them. When selecting goggles, it is advisable for you to pay attention to selecting slightly larger ones according to size to ensure they are large enough to accommodate the scope. To ensure their protective effect, the sides of the goggles should be fully wrapped.

3. Polarized Glasses

For prolonged outdoor activities, such as climbing, skiing, fishing, cycling, and other sports and activities that interfere with vision due to glare, sunglasses alone cannot completely isolate the issue and must be solved by a polarizing function. Polarized sunglasses have the function of polarizing light, so they can block out all harmful light without affecting the transmittance of visible light, thus effectively protecting the eyes.

For drivers, polarized lenses are more than just a way to deal with the glare reflected from the dashboard. The glare reflected from horizontal surfaces such as ice, snow, roofs, trunks, roads can be annoying, tiring, and even potentially harmful. This type of glare is often associated with fatal traffic accidents, but polarized lenses can effectively reduce the risk of accidents caused by such glare and increase the safety of drivers.


4. Glasses with Transitions Lenses

Most of the transition lenses are UV-sensing that means they are able to change color of lenses in an environment with UV radiation, otherwise they fade. A few are infrared-sensitive that are more sensitive. Transitions lenses are mainly designed for outdoor environments, effectively blocking UV rays and protecting eyes, which makes them a great choice for outdoor sports. They are transparent indoors and darken outside, not delaying daily use as well as protecting eyes from UV damage.
It's also great for people who are intolerant to sunlight, as it changes color of lenses to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. Spring is coming, and the sun is becoming increasingly harsh. Transition lenses are the perfect choice for outdoor exercise.


FAQs about Wearing Eyeglasses Outdoor


  • Are blue light block glasses necessary for outdoor activities?

There is no much blue light in the sun, so wearing blue light block glasses does not make much sense for outdoor activities. It would be more suitable for people who spend a lot of time indoors with their electronic products. However, they can also help remove glare of the road and car lights for a perfect drive like polarized glasses.


  • Are outdoor activities good for improving eyesight?

Myopia is mainly caused by excessive use of our eyes at close range. Therefore, when we take part in outdoor activities, we can see farther away, which is obviously beneficial for vision correction. At the same time, taking part in outdoor activities can also help us relax and effectively relieve eye strain.