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The Real Reason Why Your New Glasses are Uncomfortable to Wear!

The Real Reason Why Your New Glasses are Uncomfortable to Wear!

Many people with new eyeglasses will encounter such problems: new glasses have been adapted to nearly half a month, but they still feel uncomfortable, dizziness, eyes distension, nausea and so on. Some eyeglasses even have to slide down when they walk. So they are worried that they need to get new glasses or keep getting used to them.

In fact, this is a very common problem when beginning to use a new pair of eyeglasses. Basically, individuals who wear glasses may have encountered it; it is more likely for the wearer who has changed their prescription to experience this problem.

Why do New Glasses Make You Feel Uncomfortable? 

1. The brightness of new glasses is the same as that of old glasses, but the clarity of old glasses will be much different from that of newly matched eyewear due to the absorption of oil smoke, impurities, film damage, oxidation, and other problems.

It is normal to feel the lens brighter at the beginning and may produce a slight sense of vertigo. Eye sensitivity is not the same among the public. Sudden changes in visual brightness can make your eyes slightly uncomfortable. However, you can become completely accustomed to it after wearing it for 3-5 days.


2. The diopters of the new glasses, prepared according to the new prescription, are different from those of the old glasses. If the diopters are increased, the refractive power of the eyes will change, resulting in a slight sense of dizziness.


3. Customers who wear glasses with astigmatic lenses for the first time are prone to feeling a sensation of shaking and distortion, and usually need about 5-15 days to adapt to them.

If None of the Above is True for You, should You Still Wear Such Glasses?

You should not continue to wear such glasses! Because you have been adapted to them for half a month, this is the limit of the adaptation period. If you still feel uncomfortable, it means that there are no post-processing problems, or there is a problem with your optometry. At this time, you need to use the process of elimination to determine exactly what is going on.

How do You Determine Exactly Why Glasses are Uncomfortable to Wear?

First of all, take your eyeglasses to any optical shop and ask them to help you check if the data on the lenses is accurate and if there are any issues with the quality of the lenses, which means you need to read your prescription in detail. If there is astigmatism, the error of the axis of scattering must also be determined. Of course, the pupil distance is no exception.

The above data error range is stipulated by national standards. Optical shops have measuring instruments that can be used conveniently to detect them.


Secondly, if problems with post-processing data for glasses can be eliminated and the quality of your lenses is high, then your optometry should be taken into consideration, that is to say, your optometry may not be scientific and accurate.

At this time, it is time to have an optometry appointment again as soon as possible. Therefore, it can also be seen that the early optometry of glasses is a very important link. We must go to a professional optometry institution for medical optometry, but also to find a professional optometry business, otherwise there will be great uncertainty and inaccuracy.

Finally, if you are sure your lenses are fine, you can check the frame of your glasses. The small frame makes the vision too narrow and the eyes often want to glance outwards. Conversely, if the frame is too large, the pupil distance is not correct, and the pupil is not aligned with the center of the lens, it can lead to visual fatigue. Additionally, the frames should not be too heavy, or they can press tightly on the bridge of the nose.



These are some tips for those who are uncomfortable with their new glasses. Hopefully, they can help to resolve the problem. Until the problem is resolved, it is not recommended to wear uncomfortable eyeglasses all the time!

FAQs about Wearing Uncomfortable Eyeglasses


  • What if you feel uncomfortable no matter how you change your eyeglasses?

It is advisable for you to go to the hospital to have your eyes checked. You may have dry eyes or conjunctivitis, which is usually caused by the excessive eye use or poor lifestyle habits, not necessarily related to glasses.


  • What glasses are best suited for someone with more sensitive eyes?

It is recommended that you use polarized sunglasses, which can protect your eyes from bright light. Additionally, all glasses should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene.