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Frame Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses

Frame Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses

There are many styles of eyeglasses to choose from nowadays. Some people will choose contact lenses for aesthetic reasons, while others are still used to using frame glasses. So, which is better, contact lenses or frame glasses? Let's take a closer look at them together!

The Advantages of Frame Glasses

1. Easy to wear and take off frame glasses

One of the most obvious advantages of frame glasses is that they are easy to wear and take off. No matter when and where, it only takes a few seconds to put on and take off the frame glasses. When it comes to contact lenses, you need to clean your hands first before you take them off.

2. The way to clean frame glasses is simple and easy

Apply detergent to the middle of the lens (preferably with a neutral surfactant), rub the lens gently, and rinse it off with water. You can also go to a professional optician for ultrasonic cleaning, which is usually free.

3. Protect your eyes from dust and flying insects

Wearing frame glasses can protect your eyes from sand, dust, flying insects and so on. Even without myopia, you can wear a pair of frame glasses without any prescription to protect your eyes. Then for people who are already nearsighted, they can better protect their eyes while getting good vision.

4. A wide range of styles of frame glasses can be chosen from

For office workers who often use electronic products, anti-fatigue and anti-blue light lenses are the best choice. If you have both nearsightedness and farsightedness, then it is recommended that you consider progressive lenses so that you can see things more comfortably. If you often drive at night, you can choose night driving glasses or polarized lenses.


The Disadvantages of Frame Glasses

1. Eyeglasses lenses with high myopia will be heavier which not only will press the bridge of the nose, but also affect the appearance of beauty. Therefore, it is recommended  for people with high myopia to choose small eyewear frames with thin lenses. If you choose an unsuitable eyewear frame, it will cause pressure on the bridge of the nose, especially for those adolescents who are still growing up.

2. Given the field of vision is limited to a certain extent, frame glasses can only make you see things clear within the lens range.

3. Regular visits to professional stores are required for cosmetic adjustments so as to avoid deformation of the frame.

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

1. Contact lenses do not have the obstruction of frames, they are weightless and have no effect on the wearer's appearance. Therefore, they are very suitable for people who put high on their appearance, especially women.

2. Contact lenses are very convenient for people who are likely to have sports. Because they do not need to worry about their eyewear frames’ breaking down.

3. The images seen with contact lenses are closer to the real thing. Eyewear frames have the effect of magnifying or reducing the image of an object. Contact lens wearers have a wider field of vision and higher quality of vision. Especially for those with higher astigmatism, some contact lenses are more effective than eyewear frames in correcting vision.


The Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

1. Wearing contact lenses requires following the specifications. You also need to clean and care for them daily to avoid corneal infections. Poor contact lens care can harbor germs and cause further infection.

2. Contact lenses will be directly attached to the eye, but the oxygen permeability of contact lenses is poor, our eyes have no way to contact the air and will be lack of oxygen over time, which may lead to a decrease in eye resistance and corneal perception. 

3. If you wear contact lenses for a long time, it is likely that they will bruise the cornea and further lead to some eye lesions. Eye fatigue and dry eyes are also one of the hazards of wearing contact lenses for a long time.

4. Wearing contact lenses may also lead to eye allergies. Wearing contact lenses that do not meet national standards will wear the cornea,  resulting in irreversible vision loss.


FAQs about Frame Glasses and Contact Lenses

How to balance contact lenses and frame glasses?

It is recommended that you wear frame glasses on a daily basis, while contact lenses are an option for sports or other special occasions. In short, just choose the suitable glasses according to your condition.