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A Fashion Item Worth Buying- Eyeglasses

A Fashion Item Worth Buying- Eyeglasses

Many nearsighted people are reluctant to wear eyeglasses, because on the one hand, it affects their appearance, and on the other hand, they are worried that their myopia will get worse. In fact, there are many benefits of wearing eyeglasses.

Five Benefits of Wearing Glasses

1. Wearing glasses can correct vision

The light from far away can not be focused on the retina, resulting in the vision of distant objects is not clear. After wearing eyeglasses, you can get a clear image, so that vision can be corrected.

2. Wearing glasses can reduce visual fatigue

If you have myopia but do not wear glasses, eyes will easily feel fatigue, the result is only to increase diopters of myopia. After wearing glasses normally, the visual fatigue will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, it is advisable to know something about anti fatigue.

3. Wearing glasses can prevent or treat exotropia

When people with myopia see near, the adjustment effect of the eye is weakened. Over a long time, the effect of the external rectus of the eye exceeds the internal rectus, which will cause the external oblique of the eye. Of course, exotropia can still be corrected by myopic eyeglasses.

4. Wearing glasses can prevent eye protrusion

As the eye is still developing, adolescents are very likely to develop axial myopia. Especially in highly myopic eyes, the anterior and posterior diameters of the eyes are significantly lengthened, and the appearance is manifested as protruding eyes. If myopia is corrected by wearing glasses normally at the beginning, this situation will be reduced, and can even not occur.


5. Wearing glasses can prevent amblyopia

People with myopia without timely wearing glasses will have refractive amblyopia in the future. As long as you choose suitable glasses, vision will mostly gradually improve after a longer period of treatment.


Myths about Wearing Eyeglasses

Myth 1: You can't get rid of your glasses after wearing them

First of all, it should be clear that there are real myopia and pseudomyopia, and real myopia is difficult to recover. Pseudomyopia is possible to recover, but the degree of recovery depends on the proportion of pseudomyopia in myopia. For example, people with 100 diopters of myopia, of which only 50 diopters may be pseudomyopia, wearing glasses also make your vision back to normal. Only 100% of pseudomyopia is likely to be restored.

Myth 2: Watching TV will increase diopters of myopia

In fact, watching TV reasonably does not affect myopia. Instead, it may have the effect of reducing the development of pseudomyopia. However, the posture of watching TV needs to be correct. First of all, It's best to keep a certain distance from the TV when you watch it. If you are too close to the TV, it will have a bad effect on your eyes. Second is the time, it is best to watch 5 to 10 minutes of TV after an hour of studying and reading. Besides, remember to take off the glasses at the break. Besides, it is essential to know some tips about eye protection.

Myth 3: People with low diopters do not need glasses

Many people believe that if you are not professional drivers who have special need for clear vision work, it is unnecessary to wear glasses. Having optometry generally needs a 5-meter distance to check whether to see clearly, but in fact few people look at things from 5 meters away, that is, we are equipped with glasses to see far. But most teenagers rarely take their glasses off during their studies, so most people actually wear glasses that look far away to look close, which may aggravate myopia.

Myth 4: Ignore the rest after wearing glasses for a long time

It is recommended that you pay attention to the distance between your eyes and books which should not be less than 33 cm. In addition, you should also reduce the amount of time you spend continuously using your eyes at close range. Do not read books for more than 1 hour, and you need to take your glasses off when you take a break and look into the distance to avoid overuse of your eyes and increase the diopters of myopia.


Myth 5: Glasses don't need to be replaced

A pair of glasses with the right fit can be measured by several criteria: the error of the luminosity should not be greater than 25 diopters, the error of the pupil distance should not be greater than 3 mm, and the error of the pupil height should not be greater than 2 mm. If you feel tired and dizzy for a long time, I am afraid that these glasses are not suitable for you.