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Is it a Trivial Matter that Glasses are Easy to Slide Down? NO!

Is it a Trivial Matter that Glasses are Easy to Slide Down? NO!

In addition to forcing us to push them up our noses frequently, glasses sliding off from our face can also influence the diopters of our myopia. Some people may say that if the nose pads are too wide, they can only be narrowed, while others think that if the glasses slide down, they must be broken and need to be replaced. However, it is not as simple as it may seem.

Why do Your Eyeglasses Keep Slipping Down?

It has a little bit to do with the nose pad, but it's not the main thing. Broken frames have little to do with it, and they can slip even if you get a new pair. The most important reasons for the downward slide are two below:


1. The outer Angle of the Frame

The normal angle is 85 to 95 degrees. When your face width is small but the angle is large, your glasses will easily slide off your face.

2. The Legs of Your Glasses Frames

The shape of the glasses’ legs should fit the shape of your ears so that they do not slide down. Being too far back or too far forward is not appropriate, and the bending angle of the glasses’ legs is not sufficient to fit our ears.

If Glasses are Unstable, what are the Consequences of Sliding Down Often?

When your glasses are made, the significance of measuring pupillary distance and pupillary height is that the eyes can see the world through the optical center of the lens as far as possible. If the eyes do not see the world through the optical center, the prism effect will cause eye strain and increase the diopters unconsciously. Therefore, it is important to get your glasses in a comfortable, correct way. If your glasses tend to slip, it is advisable for you to find a specialist optician nearby and have them adjusted.



If you Want to Change New Eyeglasses, how to Choose?

First of all, the frame not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing and fashionable, but also of moderate size. If the frame is too big, it will be too loose and then will slide. If it is too small, it will not fit securely and will still slide.

If the frame is not chosen well, it is inevitable to slide down, so the choice is very important! Listen to the professionals and don't be so obsessed with your own preferences.
Secondly, glasses can be worn stably on the face, there are three stress points:

1) Nose pad

The function of the nose pad is to bear the main weight of the glasses on the bridge of the nose. If this point is not emphasized, eyeglasses cannot be stabilized. Especially for high myopia, the lens is very heavy and cannot provide a good cushion on the bridge of the nose, making glasses top-heavy and easy to slide. There is no doubt that Glasses with adjustable nose pads are a good choice.

Adjusting the independent nose bracket of the metal frame is a technical task, so it is recommended that you find a processing worker in the traditional old shop who has the professional knowledge to adjust it for help. 

The integrated nose bracket of the frame cannot be adjusted, and the right nose bracket should be selected according to the shape of the nose bridge. A high, thin nose bridge should choose a short and middle one, while a low, flat nose bridge should choose a wide and middle one. Try several frames to feel the difference in order to select one that is suitable for you!


2) Part of the Glasses' Legs Hook the Ears

This force of the part of the glasses is equally important to ensure that the glasses will not easily move back and forth, even if the bridge of the nose is not well supported. As long as the hook is stable enough, no movement can be achieved, but the comfort is relatively poor.

3) The Leg of the Glasses Clips the Face

The proportion of this force is about 10% which is relatively low, so some frames are too big or too small, but they can still be able to clip your face. 

To achieve stability and comfort, the weight of the glasses can only be reasonably distributed among three parts above.

If your glasses are easy to slide down, you are able to know how to adjust the frame after knowing these three stress points. Actually, adjusting the frame is nothing more than strengthening the force of these three points, which is such a simple thing. As for how to adjust the frame specifically, it depends on the specific problem in which part. When it happens, it is advisable for you to seek professional help to find out the reason.