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Things To Consider As You Pick Out Your Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are a type of glasses designed to solve the problem of aging vision. Wearing reading glasses correctly can relieve the burden on the eyes. The following aspects should be considered.
1. Conduct a comprehensive optometry to choose suitable reading glasses.
2. Choose the right framework
3. Configure the correct lens
4. Use the correct posture to wear reading glasses.
5. Do not wear it continuously for a long time.
6. Wear it in a suitable environment.
7. Clean and maintain your reading glasses regularly.




As we age, the lens of our eyes gradually hardens, making it impossible for our eyes to automatically adjust the focus when looking at nearby objects, resulting in blurred vision. Reading glasses help the eyes readjust the focus by enhancing the refraction of light, allowing people to see nearby objects more clearly. Although using reading glasses can effectively relieve the symptoms of presbyopia, if they are used incorrectly, they can also put unnecessary burden on our eyes. The following will introduce to you the precautions for wearing reading glasses.

Conduct a comprehensive optometry to choose suitable reading glasses

When purchasing reading glasses, you must first determine your prescription. It is recommended to go to a regular optical shop for an optometry test to ensure that the reading glasses you buy meet your vision needs. In addition, you should also inform the optometrist about your usage scenarios and times during the refraction, which will help the optometrist better choose suitable reading glasses for you. Your optometrist will run a series of tests to determine your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and whether you have astigmatism, among other problems. If you already suffer from vision problems such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc., then you need to choose the appropriate reading glasses power after optometry; if you do not have any vision problems, then you need to choose a power lower than 1.00.

Choose the right framework

You need to choose the right framework. While looks are important, even more important is the comfort and quality of the frame. Choose a frame that suits your face shape and make sure it stays firmly on your nose without slipping or deforming. Additionally, choosing durable materials can make your frames last longer.




Get the right lenses

Common ones include resin lenses, glass lenses and PC lenses. Among them, resin lenses are relatively light and tough, and are suitable for daily use; while glass lenses, although dense, have good scratch resistance and are suitable for outdoor sports; PC lenses are lightweight, anti-fall and compression-resistant, and are suitable for safety protection. Wait for the scene. Therefore, you can choose according to your personal needs and habits when choosing.

Use correct posture to wear reading glasses

When wearing reading glasses, place the temples behind your ears and keep the lenses at a certain distance from your eyes to avoid eye fatigue and discomfort. If worn too close to the eyes, it will cause excessive eye fatigue; if the distance is too far, it will not effectively improve vision problems.


Do not wear it continuously for a long time

Although reading glasses can help relieve the symptoms of presbyopia, wearing them for too long can also have a negative impact on the eyes. It is recommended to wear it for no more than 2 hours at a time and take appropriate rest between uses to reduce eye fatigue.


Wear it in a suitable environment

While wearing reading glasses, you also need to pay attention to the comfort of the environment. For example, you should maintain enough light and a good viewing angle when reading to make your eyes more comfortable. In addition, you can wear exclusive glasses according to different usage environments, such as outdoor, indoor, and driving.



Clean and maintain your reading glasses regularly

Reading glasses also require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the clarity and performance of the lenses. It is recommended to use soft glasses cloth for cleaning, and try to avoid using hard objects or rough paper towels to wipe the lenses to avoid scratching the surface. If a lot of grease accumulates on your glasses, you can use a special cleaning fluid to clean them.


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