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Tips about Eye Protection

Tips about Eye Protection

Eye is the window of soul. Only if the window is bright, Our world can be seen clearly. For people who usually work in front of a computer, it is necessary to master some daily eye care methods.

How to Fight UV Light?

Eye diseases that can be caused by our overexposure to UV light, also known as ultraviolet light, include: cataracts, macular degeneration, and eye cancer. Every time our eyes are exposed to sunlight, our risk of developing these eye diseases goes up a little.

So, how do you choose sunglasses?

1. When buying them, you ought to make sure the UV light protection level, and choose 100% UV light protection.

2. Choose Lenses as large as possible so that they can better protect our eyes.

The color of the lens is not important, you can choose colors according to your preference. Because It's not that darker sunglasses block out more light.

How to Fight Blue Light?

The eyes of workers are exposed to the computer at least 8 hours a day, and the eyes are always sore, dry and covered with red blood. For people who use computers or electronic products for long time, blue light blocking lenses can block some of the harmful blue light to the eyes and make them a little more comfortable when working in front of a computer screen. Therefore, if you often face electronic products, it's time for you to consider blue light glasses.


How to Protect Your Eyes?

1. Adjust the brightness and height of the computer screen

Make the screen slightly lower than the eyes, the eyes look at the center of the screen, down to 15 ° ~ 20 ° . And make screen brightness not more than 80% as far as possible. When reading and typing information, you put the information up next to the computer, do not let your eyes too "busy".

2. Help your eyes to avoid UV rays

The strongest sunlight of the day often appears between 10:00 and 15:00. Excessive UV rays can cause corneal damage, macular degeneration and cataracts. It is advisable to wear sunglasses with gray, teal or brown lenses so that UV protection will be stronger. Dark colored lenses are not necessarily good, because if the lenses do not have UV protection, dark lenses will make the pupil dilate, allowing more UV rays into the eyes.

3. The best way to protect the eyes at night is to open two lights

As the light from the bedside lamp and desk lamp is not projected from directly in front or above, it can cause visual fatigue. If you must use your eyes at night, you'd better turn on the headlamp at the same time to reduce the difference between light and dark in the room and make your eyes more comfortable.

4. Eat more yellow-green food

Eat more yellow-green food such as carrots, corn, tomatoes, broccoli and so on. These are rich in lutein, which can be converted into zeaxanthin in the body which helps protect the eyes from damage.


5. Eat more healthy food

Eat more food beneficial to the eyes, such as deep-sea fish which is rich in a large number of DHA and can make the eye retina sound development, and prevent lesions and cataracts. In addition, carrots, lemons, blueberries, nuts, liver can not only increase the body's antioxidant substances, but also provide effective eye protection and help anti-aging.

How to Relieve Eye Strain?

1. Blink

Blinking can make your eyes secrete tears and keep them moist, especially for those who like to wear contact lenses.

2. Breaks

After studying or working for a certain period of time, it is essential to look into the distance which can make the eyes from the state of observing near objects quickly switch to observe the state of distant objects as well as focus on the action of the distance so as to relax the ciliary muscle and get some rest.


3. Let the eyes do some exercise

Usually pay attention to blink more often to increase the wetness of the eye, especially those who need to stare at the screen closely for a long time. Exercise the eyeballs, specifically every 40 minutes to 1 hour, we need to move the eyeballs up and down, so that the eyeballs do some exercise.

4. Hot compress

Eye fatigue can be relieved by the method of hot compresses. If there are towels around, it is necessary to use a hot towel to have hot compress. Because the heat can moisten the eyeball, effectively relieve eye fatigue. If there is no towel around, you can also make a cup of tea, and then make your eyes above the top of the tea cup, steam your eyes by using a cup of tea can also relieve fatigue.