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Everything you need to Know about Eyeglasses Nosepiece

Everything you need to Know about Eyeglasses Nosepiece

The nosepiece is an important part of your eyeglasses, it is the bridge that connects the two eyewear lenses. The comfort of your eyeglasses is largely determined by the quality of the eyewear bridge, so it is essential to consider when selecting eyeglasses.

Common Types of Eyeglasses Nosepiece

Eyeglasses bridge is an important item that holds sunglasses and eyeglasses in place. There are two general categories of eyeglasses bridge, one is fixed and one is adjustable.

1. Fixed nosepiece

If you are wearing eyeglasses with fixed nosepiece all the time, please give priority to fixed nosepiece when you change your eyeglasses. In the case of the same prescription, adjustable nosepiece may have a larger eye distance. Some people suddenly find that they can't see as clearly with adjustable nosepiece, and they may even feel dizzy when wearing it.

2. Adjustable nosepiece

This type of nosepiece is generally used in metal eyewear frames. The adjustable nosepiece is common and more comfortable. This type of nosepiece can be made a natural adjustment from 20 degrees to 40 degrees and even its adjustment angle can reach 60 degrees. Therefore, this kind of eyewear bridge can be adjusted according to the situation of personal nasal bridge, which will fit you a bit better. And eyeglasses with adjustable nose pads are also worth buying.


Is it Necessary to Change the Nosepiece Regularly?

The nosepiece of the glasses must be replaced regularly because the metal core of the glasses nosepiece is generally made of copper alloy. If the eyewear bridge fits the skin for a long time, the chemical reaction of human sweat erosion will make eyeglasses bridge produce a patina and green dirt, which will affect the beauty of the eyeglasses.

In addition, when we usually clean our eyeglasses, the nosepiece is easy to be ignored. This will cause bacteria to grow on the inside of the nosepiece for a long time, which will also have an impact on our health.

Therefore, it is recommended that people who love to sweat should rinse their eyewear bridge with water every day, especially in summer, and it is best to check your eyeglasses once every two months. If there is dirt in the nosepiece, you should deal with it immediately. If the eyewear bridge is become green, it should be replaced in time to avoid further damage.

How to Adjust the Nosepiece of Eyeglasses?

1.First of all, we turn the glasses inside out and push them forward with your thumb to see if the metal bridge is uneven.

2. Secondly, after mastering the balance point, we use special nosepiece pliers to adjust, and try to repeatedly use your thumb to find the balance point.

3. If there is no special tool at home, you can also try to adjust lightly by hand.


What the Difference between Metal and Silicone Bridges?

1. Metal bridge

First of all, the metal nose bracket has a certain degree of hardness and corrosion resistance, so it is more wear-resistant than ordinary eyeglasses nose bracket. Meanwhile, the color and luster of metal nose bracket are also better so that can make you look more stable and more mature. Metal bridge eyeglasses are a perfect choice for office workers. However, metal nosepieces also have certain disadvantages, such as heavy height that will press the bridge of the nose, resulting in red marks on nose bridge. Metal is also prone to oxidation and thus yellowing, which can affect the appearance of eyeglasses. And metal nose brace may irritate sensitive skin and also be more likely to slip down.

2. Silicone bridge

In terms of comfort, silicone is definitely better. The silicone bridge not only plays the role of fixing the glasses, it also has to ensure the comfort of eyeglasses for wearers. The silicone bridge has good softness, anti-slip and anti-allergic properties. The silicone used in the silicone nose brace belongs to medical silicone, so even if the skin is sensitive, there will be no allergy, even if you is sweating, it will not affect at all.

What should You do if You are Allergic to Metal Bridge Glasses?

For people who are allergic to metal bridge, the best solution is to change to another type of nasal bracket. Some people are prone to metal allergies, which can lead to redness and itchiness on both sides of the nose bone, so people who are allergic to metal must avoid metal bridge and choose silicone, plastic and so on. It is advisable to pay more attention to your daily diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, take in vitamin C for your body in time, and keep enough sleep.

What should You do if the Metal Bridge is Broken?

There are two ways to deal with a broken metal bridge. One is to repair the nosepiece, and the other is to buy a new pair of glasses. The process of repairing the nosepiece is more complicated, some optical stores can provide after-sales service, otherwise you need to go to a specialized optical repair store for repair. The method of re-purchasing glasses is simpler, but it costs some money, which is more stressful for students financially. All in all, you can decide according to your needs.