Georgette Oval Clip-on - Green


Frame: Full Shape: Oval Gender: Kids Material: TR PD: 39-64 Bifocal: No Progressive: No


49mm 1.93in
17mm 0.67in
131mm 5.16in
29mm 1.14in
140mm 5.51in
Weight: 12.00g(0.42 oz)


Georgette Oval Clip-on eyeglasses are made with highly flexible and extremely durable TR material. Each frame and matching sunshade is lightweight and comfortable. Magnetic clip-on sunshade sets come with prescription eyeglasses and a polarized sunshade that snaps on securely to the front rim with hidden magnets for seamless sunglasses. Because of the fashion and convenient shape design, this frame is a great choice for kids if you are looking for prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Polarized lenses will protect your eyeglasses from harmful sunlight in summer. They are valuable in Pink and Green colors.
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