Fancy - Multicolor


Frame: Full Shape: Rectangle Gender: Women Material: TR90 PD: 55 - 71 Bifocal: Yes Progressive: Yes


  • 53 mm
  • 2.09 in
  • 15 mm
  • 0.59 in
  • 135 mm
  • 5.31 in
  • 36 mm
  • 1.42 in
  • 143 mm
  • 5.63 in
  • 51 mm
  • 2.01 in
Weight: 13g (0.46 oz)


Glassesshop Fancy Rectangle eyeglasses are made of polished and refreshingly bright tr90 material.Coming with multicolour and transparent design. They are only 13.1g and rectangle frame are suit for women in office or at home.It is a good choice for an afford eyeglasses.Computer eyeglasses and reading eyeglasses both are available.

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  • Mercedes Color: Multicolor Size: M
    July 16, 2019
    I love these frames. They fit my face perfectly and almost never fall down. I get a compliment on my frames almost daily. I claim I bought them because I teach preschool, but truly, I just love rainbows!
  • Skittles Color: Multicolor Size: M
    February 28, 2019
    Absolutely amazing glasses! Very lightweight and comfortable, and colorful in the best way possible. Who doesn't love rainbows?
  • Rainbow Baby Color: Multicolor Size: M
    January 13, 2019
    Such amazing glasses!! They are by far the sturdiest frames I have gotten from here. They are also very lightweight. I have received nothing but compliments since the second I opened the package. The model pictures under the Description are 100% accurate in both size as well as the subtle suggestion that the frames look better with eyeliner due to their very clear nature.