Durham Classic Wayframe - MBlack


Frame: Full Shape: Classic Wayframe Gender: Women|Men Material: Plastic PD: 43-68 Bifocal: No Progressive: No


50mm 1.97in
19mm 0.75in
139mm 5.47in
40mm 1.57in
148mm 5.83in
Weight: 23.00g(0.81 oz)


Having a pair of trendy and classic black Classic Wayframe TR material sunglasses to match your holiday outfits in summer beach, Durham Classic Wayframe sunglasses are a must have one which is perfect for both men and women. The unique key hole of the glasses makes them stable on your nose.


Durham Wayfarer - MBlack
Durham Wayfarer - MBlack
Durham Classic Wayframe - MBlack
Durham Classic Wayframe - MBlack
Durham Classic Wayframe - MBlack
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  • Erin Color: MBlack Size: M
    May 16, 2017
    I was pleasantly surprised they arrived within a few days, came with a plastic carrying case and cloth, and to my delight, the sunglasses felt sturdy, well made, and actually framed my face well. The lenses are so thinner that the glasses are light. Feel comfortable.
  • Kendallyn Color: MBlack Size: M
    June 14, 2016
    I wear progressive glasses so it's important that the lenses I have on my glasses are correct and nice. GlasseShop got my prescription correct and thinner lens for me. They offer glasses with Anti-reflective coating, ASC coating and Anti-UV coating.These made me feel great entirely.