Road Round - Black(Silver mirror-coating)


Frame: Full

Shape: Round

Gender: Women|Men

Material: Metal

PD: 44-69

Bifocal: Yes

Progressive: Yes


50mm 1.97in
20mm 0.79in
143mm 5.63in
133mm 5.24in
45mm 1.77in
Weight: 15.00g(0.53 oz)


Road Round sunglasses are rounded frame with lots of retro funk. Coming in polarized lenses, these rayban-styled sunglasses combine stylish mirror-coated lens and comfortable polished material frame together. Gunmetal frame with Blue mirror-coating lens, Black frame with Silver mirror-coating lens and Golden frame with Green mirror-coating lens, three colors can be chosen. This is a perfect pair of sunglasses for both men and women in spring and summer.
  • Shaina May 06, 2017

    I bought a prescription eye glasses before and it was amazing, so I wanted to try the sun glasses also. I picked a specific properties and it came just perfect that I wouldn't find these specifications in regular stores. The glasses took a while to arrive. However, it's because of the specifications
  • Nero April 06, 2017

    These sunglasses are quite stylish and of a very good quality.
  • Norah March 23, 2017

    Love this style! I was looking for a ray ban lookalike to add my prescription to without abusing my bank account and these are so perfect!! Very lightweight and dainty but they feel super high in quality. I have a pretty average face so they're not too small/big, but big enough to be sunglasses.
  • Kenneth January 24, 2017

    I plan on making the world's record to get at least one of each style of glasses. They are inexpensive, I get to completely customize them, like being a fashion designer for glasses. My friends are going to be hooked on this system too. I love my new glasses. Comfortable and accurate prescription.
  • Kamil November 22, 2016

    Very funky shades.They really POP! Not flimsy or cheap feeling. Very sturdy and feel expensive. The wire frame is so well made. They have the break away hinges. These are my "Cool Diva" shades. I love them.