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Come and See what Kind of Glasses You Fit

Come and See what Kind of Glasses You Fit

Why do you say that if you don't wear the right eyeglasses, your temperament will not be any better? The purpose of wearing glasses on your face is to complement the shape of your face, just like clothes complement the lines of your body. So if you choose the glasses that match your face shape, it will definitely complement your temperament. However, if you simply choose the glasses that cover the lines of your face shape, it will definitely have the bad effect.

Everyone Has A Unique Face Shape

If you can find the common ground between face shape and glasses, then it will be much easier to pick the glasses that match our temperament. So let's first understand the face shape, because the face is the first part that people notice directly when they look at you, and it is also the most important part of the overall image that a person projects. So if you can fully understand our face shape, it will not only be beneficial for us to pick the right glasses, but will also allow us to have the right choice in choosing hair, jewelry, clothing and so on.

How to Judge Your Face Shape

When deciding on the shape of your face, you don't lay down absolute standards, but look at the overall shape. You have to carefully analyze whether your face shape is made up of more straight lines or more curved lines in combination with your shape and features. If you see a face shape that combines straight lines and curved lines, and you don't know how to define it. Please let your heart determine it at this time, and just find a face shape that makes you feel comfortable.

Different Face Shapes are Suitable for Different Types of Glasses

1. Square face

For square faces, your goal is to make the face look longer.   Therefore, it is best to choose browline glasses. That is, it is advisable to choose shapes that have a clear top edge line and a transparent bottom edge line. Glasses that are too heavy or too wide will make the face look shorter and unsuitable.


Since a square face is straight, it is best to have a straight upper edge line.   For men, the lenses can also be square. For women, it is better to look a little softer and more feminine. Therefore, women can choose lenses with a softer lower edge line.

2. Rectangular face

For rectangular faces, your goal is to make the face appear shorter. Therefore, it is best to choose wide frame glasses. That is, it is advisable to choose shapes that have clear edge lines, such as full frames or horn-rimmed frames.

A rectangular face is also straight, so it is best to have straight lines around the edges. For men, you can just go for rectangular shaped glasses. For women, you can choose a rectangle with softer edges and corners.

3. Diamond-shaped face

For diamond-shaped faces, your forehead and chin are narrow. So if you can make the forehead and chin appear wider, then you can achieve a better visual effect. So you can go and pick glasses with wider upper edges which can effectively make the forehead look wider. And the glasses frames with straighter sides and heavier lower edges will make the lower half of the face thicker. It is advisable to choose aviator eyeglasses or sunglasses.

The diamond-shaped face is also the straight-line type, so it's best to have all the lines of the edge lines flatter and straighter. For men, glasses should not have too much curvature. For women, you can choose softer aviator glasses, which will make them look more gentle.


4. Round face

For round faces, it is essential to make the face look less round. You can look a little more mature, so it is advisable to avoid overly rounded round eyeglass frames. Instead, eyeglass frames with a straight upper edge line to break up the roundness are a good choice.
For men, a pair of eyeglasses whose shape with a bit of square can make you look sharper. And for women, you can choose a half-frame round or heart-shaped one.