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What Should You do if Your Glasses Slip in Summer?

What Should You do if Your Glasses Slip in Summer?

It's hot in the summer, and when you're in the sun, you sweat easily. In such a hot season, people who are nearsighted still have to wear their eyeglasses. But then their glasses will slide down for a while and be pushed up for a while. This repeated operation will make two red marks on the bridge of the nose, not only affect the appearance, the bridge of the nose will also be a bit painful.

The Reason for the Decline of Glasses in Summer

1. Summer is so hot, you will inevitably sweat. If you often sweat a lot, then when the sweat flows to the sides of the nose, it will lead to eyeglasses slipping.

2. Your glasses have developed a problem during use and need to be replaced. Glasses can become loose or otherwise damaged after prolonged use, so they will keep slipping when you use them.


The Side effects of Glasses Slipping in Summer

1.It will affect the effect of vision imaging

Lenses are polished according to the focal length of human vision. If the glasses slide, even if you can see clearly, the focus will be deviated, thus affecting the effect of imaging. 

2.It will cause vision fatigue

When your eyeglasses slide, the eye will move with the lens, which will lead to eye soreness, and then cause vision fatigue.

3.Soreness of the nose

If the glasses keep slipping, the nose rest will keep moving on the bridge of the nose, which will easily cause soreness of the nose, and also easily leave a mark on your nose.


As the glasses slide, the eye will also unconsciously look for clear imaging as well as follow the glasses down. As time goes on, it is easy to appear strabismus.

5.The increasing of diopters

After the glasses slide, the person's point of view deviates, and sometimes can not fall on the lens. This can lead to sometimes clear vision and sometimes blurred vision, and eventually a bad change in prescription. In serious cases, it results in astigmatism.

What Should You do if Your Glasses are Slipping Summer?

1. Have a check on your glasses

It is advisable for you to check if there is any looseness in your glasses. If your glasses are loose, please go to find your optician and have them adjusted by an optometrist.

2. Adjust the nosepiece

If the frame has a nosepiece, you can adjust the nosepiece to ease the slippage. Your eyeglasses are likely to sliding or uneven basically caused by uneven weight, so adjusting the nosepiece can make the frame rebalance. Of course, these operations need you to go to the optician to find one optometry to help you. It is advisable to know something about nosepiece.


3. Choose a nose pad with good quality

If there is no nosepiece frame, there is no way to adjust the nosepiece to prevent the glasses from slipping, but you can choose to use the nose pad to improve. A nose pad with good quality, mostly made of soft transparent silicone, is not easy to yellow or deform, and has a strong anti-slip and corrosion resistance. And you can also choose different models of nose pads according to your needs. It is advisable to choose adjustable pads glasses.

However, keep in mind that nose pads should not be reused and should not be rinsed directly with water. If you keep these tips in mind, nose pads can basically be used for about 3 months, and you can replace them once every two months in summer if you sweat a lot.

4. Put an eyeglass anti-slip cover on the lens leg

Anti-slip sleeve is set on the top of the lens leg, it can hook the ear root, but it will not affect the beauty of your appearance. If you often exercise and fitness, or engage in manual labor, you can consider adding a non-slip cover on the temples to avoid glasses to slide, which can also protect the frame from being broken!

5. Add a pair of glasses rope on the temples

Glasses rope and anti-slip sleeve are similar in some aspects, but the glasses rope is the whole set on the back of the head which plays a better fixed role and become more suitable for strenuous sports. The only shortcoming is lack of beauty.

6. Regular cleaning

Clean the glasses regularly. If there is sweat, grease or other dirt on your glasses, it may cause them to slip off. Therefore, you should clean your glasses regularly to make sure they are clean and hygienic.


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