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Do Night Vision Glasses Really Work?

Do Night Vision Glasses Really Work?

Many people have finished their holidays and returned to work, while others are still enjoying the last days of their holiday. No matter which you are, there are inevitably times when you go out to parties, return late from overtime work and night driving. And many people often complain that they have vision decreases when driving at night, and they encounter many situations that are very dangerous to deal with at night.

How to Ensure the Safety of Night Driving?

1. Keep all the windows clean and translucent

When driving, it is essential to make sure the windows clean, both inside and outside of the windows should be kept clean and bright, and never neglect the inner surface of the windows which are easily dirty.

2. Always make sure the wipers are in good working condition

Wiper is a very important part of the car. On the rainy day, if there is no wiper, it will cause blurred vision, and it is easy to cause some traffic accidents. Therefore, if there is a problem with the wiper, it must be replaced immediately and not delay the normal use.

3. Always keep the lights clean

Lights must always be kept clean and can be in the brightest state at night, so as to get enough brightness of vision.

4. Make sure to keep your glasses clean

Glasses must be kept clean, so it is recommended that you regularly maintain and clean your glasses. In addition, you are going to need to check your glasses regularly (around six months) for any changes in prescription. If necessary, replace your frames or contact lenses in time.


What is the Function of Night Vision Glasses?

1. Night vision

Night vision glasses have light yellow lenses, which effectively increase the contrast in our field of vision so that everyone can see things more clearly and directly. Especially at night, this allows everyone to have more chances to see more things.

2. Blocking glare

Night vision glasses are also known as driver's glasses. This is because drivers are exposed to bright light when driving at night, which can be dangerous for driving. If everyone uses night vision glasses while driving, they can effectively block the glare, making it safer to drive without having your vision blocked.

3. Protect your eyes

Night vision glasses can play a very good role in protecting your eyes. If you need to wear glasses, don't forget to wear a pair of night vision goggles to provide you with better vision protection when driving at night. With the help of these glasses, you can better recover the blank area for emergency response to bright light stimuli and will be safer.


Do Night Vision Glasses Really Work?

Night vision goggles are really useful when driving at night, and at the same time you can see clearly at night. It can effectively prevent headlights from shaking your eyes, increase the saturation of colors, and promote a brighter and clearer vision.

If your own eyes are relatively healthy and do not suffer from night blindness disease. Then, wear night vision goggles at nigh can effectively improve the sensitivity of the eyes, improve blurred vision. If you are suffering from night blindness and other eye diseases, night vision glasses may not achieve significant improvement, and there may be a reduction in eye acuity, thus affecting the night eye vision.

Night Vision Glasses Suitable for Driving

1.Night driving glasses

Night driving glasses are special glasses that help you see better when driving at night, usually with yellow and polarized lenses to avoid glare or glare at night. By wearing night driving glasses during the day or night, in sunlight, shade, fog, rain, snow or other conditions, you will experience effective anti-glare and enhanced vision while driving at night. Our lenses perform better at blocking annoying glare and enhancing contrast compared to traditional yellow lenses.


2. Polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses have a special coating that blocks horizontal polarized light. In other words, the filters allow only vertically oriented light to pass through. They protect your eyes from annoying glare, while allowing non-polarized light to pass through. This provides better visual acuity compared to standard tinted sunglasses. Polarized lenses can block glare from smooth roads while driving. Make sure you can read your dashboard display through the lenses!