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Daily Cleaning and Adjustment of A Pair of Eyeglasses

Daily Cleaning and Adjustment of A Pair of Eyeglasses

In daily life, you usually find that the lenses are often covered with dust and grease, so that your vision is no longer clear. Dirt can also accumulate around the frames for a long time. Long-term accumulation will affect our use of glasses, make lenses blurred, and even bacteria may grow on the frames, which is also likely to bring health risks. In addition, glasses used for a long time may also become loose, aging and have other problems, which also need our attention.

How to Clean the Lens?

Lens is the biggest factor affecting the comfort of wearing glasses. The subtle changes in the daily use of lenses may have an impact on the eyes, so cleaning lenses is the key to maintaining glasses. It is recommended to clean the lenses at least once every two to three days. The correct steps are as follows:

1.Wash the dust off the surface of the lens with clean water. 

2.Drop one or two drops of dishwashing detergent (preferably with neutral surfactants) in the middle of the lens, gently rub the lens so that the grease on the inner and outer surfaces of the lens is fully decomposed.

3.Rinse the inner and outer surfaces of the lenses with clean water.

4. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the water stains on the surface of the lens in a clockwise direction, do not wipe back and forth.

Special note: 

1)If the glasses cloth provided does not effectively remove grease and the quality of the glasses cloth is very poor, long-term use may damage the lens. 

2)Do not wipe the lens with tissue, and make sure there is no visible dust before wiping the lens, which can easily damage the lens film. 

3) If permitted, you can purchasing consider an ultrasonic cleaning machine that provides the best cleaning effect. However, if the glasses are inlaid with artificial crystal or have a lower quality paint, they are not suitable for cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.


How to Clean the Frame of Glasses?

Usually when cleaning the lens, the lens frame should be cleaned together. Compared to the lens, the cleaning of glasses frame is relatively simple and can normally be done.

However, it should be noted that grease, sweat, cosmetics, and skin care products that condense on the frame for a long time can cause certain corrosion on the surface of the frame, electroplating layer, and paint layer. Therefore, in daily life, we should pay more attention to this situation and promptly clean off the grease, sweat, and cosmetics on the frame.

In addition, glasses frames with nose pad should be changed regularly to prevent stains from accumulating and affecting wearing comfort.

When does the Frame Need to be Adjusted?

After wearing the glasses for a period of time, if the following problems occur, you should consult the corresponding business or take it to the nearest optical shop for adjustment and restoration.

1.Bending deformation of the frame surface 

2.The openness of the glasses’ legs is extended 

3.The nose pad does not fit well 

4.Eyeglasses’ legs are squeezed and deformed 

5.The height of the glasses changes

These situations will seriously affect the comfort of wearing glasses, and indirectly may have a certain impact on vision, so when your glasses have these problems above, you ought to go to an optical shop to get your glasses frame adjusted or get glasses with adjustable nose pads.


When do Glasses Need to be Replaced?

1. Lenses become yellowing

The yellowing of the lens indicates that the lens has aged, and the parameters of the lens are likely to have changed. It is necessary to replace the lens as soon as possible.

2. Lens film falls off

There is no way to repair a broken lens film. If the position of the broken lens film has affected the normal visual field and its comfort, it is recommended to replace it immediately.

3. The paint layer of the frame is peeling off

If the paint layer of the glasses frame falls off, it affects the appearance. Furthermore, if it is made of alloy copper, it will rust and turn green, and patina will corrode the skin. Therefore, please consider whether replacement is necessary.

4. Deformation of glasses frames

If the frame deformation is serious and cannot be restored, it is recommended to replace it immediately. When replacing the frame, be sure to replace the lens as well. Otherwise, the optical center of the lens will change, which can easily cause discomfort when wearing.


5. The diopters of the glasses change

If eyeglasses are worn for a long time or if daily work and rest is irregular, the diopters of the eyes may change, and the glasses may not be clear enough to wear. When this happens, it is recommended to replace the glasses or consider replacing the lenses separately, depending on the maintenance of the frame.