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4 Tips You must Know about the Daily Maintenance of Eyeglasses

4 Tips You must Know about the Daily Maintenance of Eyeglasses

In fact, glasses have an expiration date. People who wear glasses often have a wrong understanding. They think glasses are durable goods but in fact, glasses are consumable goods. If not properly maintained,eyeglasses may be broken within half a year. However, most people just keep wearing them until they are completely broken and then replace them, not realizing they have an expiration date.

If properly maintained, the shelf life of a pair of glasses is approximately two years or even longer. Without proper maintenance or incorrect maintenance of the glasses, the shelf life of the pair of glasses is likely to be reduced to one year or even just half a year. After one year, the optical performance of the lenses will be significantly diminished, resulting in additional eye strain.

What is the Biggest Threat to Eyeglasses Lenses?

These lenses have an Achilles' heel: they are scratched easily. Small scratches on the surface of the lens are the biggest threat and also the most deadly irreversible factor to the optical performance of the lens,  as the lens cannot be repaired once scratched. Scratches act as one of the most important factors that affect the life of the lens and damage its optical performance.If it's just a small scratch, you can try to Remove Scratches From Prescription Glasses At Home.


How can You Reduce the Damage to Glasses Lenses?

Scratches on the lenses come from friction and collision of the lenses, so you usually have to avoid all unnecessary friction and collision to protect the lenses.

1.Don't put your glasses face down

If you put the glasses with the lenses facing down and handle them carelessly, the lenses are likely to be heavily scratched.

2.Keep your glasses away from heat

Keep your glasses away from heat, as their lenses that are coated to protect against UV rays and radiation may hurt.

The film layer of the lens is plated onto the substrate of the lens. Due to the difference in expansion coefficients between the film layer and the substrate, the film layer on the surface is very prone to cracking under high temperatures. Generally, this results in a large area of cracking.

Therefore, sunglasses or eyeglasses should not be kept in the car in summer, let alone taken to the shower or sauna. When having barbecues, it is best to avoid getting too close to the fire. 

3. Try not to rub the lens with the glasses cloth

It is advisable for you not to use a cloth to clean your glasses, even though it is usually provided during the prescription process. Since the glasses are exposed to the outside, the lenses often absorb a lot of dust. If you use the cloth to wipe the lenses at this time, It might have done some minor damage to the lens. 

If there are no conditions for cleaning glasses outside, there is no way to wipe the lenses with a cloth. I suggest that we gently wipe the lenses in one direction and not rub them back and forth.


4. Avoid using chemicals

When glasses frame is broken, in order to fix the lens, some people will use glue to repair glasses frame. In fact, it is very damaging to the lens, which will enable many lenses scrapped directly.

What started out as just replacing the frame of the glasses is now a matter of replacing the entire glasses, causing unnecessary losses.

Some people cherish glasses very much. They often use detergents to clean the surface dirt every day, and finally cause the lens to fall off.   Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent are not suitable to clean lenses.

How should Glasses be Maintained in Daily Life?

1. Please pick and wear glasses with both hands, so as to avoid the deformation of glasses caused by uneven force.

2. Dirty glasses should not be wiped directly with an eyewear cloth, as this will easily cause further wear and tear.

3. Dirty glasses should be washed with water. If the lenses come into contact with fingerprints, skin or oil, you can dip your finger in neutral washing-up liquid as you go, then dry the lenses with a paper towel or clean cloth.


4. Sweat and grease will corrode and oxidize the surface of the frame and lens, so regular cleaning is necessary to extend the service life.

5. Wipe the lens to use a clean lenses cloth along one direction, do not go back and forth.

6. The cloth should be cleaned regularly to keep it clean. You can clean your eyeglasses according to our article called How To Clean Glasses Cloth.

7. Eyewear should be handled lightly. And you should pay more attention to protect the lens, so as not to be scratched.

8. Don't leave your glasses in a hot environment, such as a sauna or a car in the sun, as they may become deformed and the lenses may crack.