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Everything about Blurred Lenses you should know

Everything about Blurred Lenses you should know

Many people think they can see things very clearly when they buy a pair of new eyeglasses, but as time goes by, they gradually become less and less clear. If you don't care and keep looking at things in a blurry way, your vision will be greatly affected.

Why is the lens of glasses blurred?

First, it is important to understand the cause of the blurred lenses so that the glasses can be effectively restored to normal. There may be several reasons for the general blurring of lenses:

1. Lens film falls off

High temperatures, acidic liquids, and corrosive gases can all cause the lens film to fall off. Putting the glasses in the car or taking the glasses to the bath may cause the film to fall off.

2. Scratches on lens surface

Scratches on the central area of the pupil will directly affect the clarity, mostly due to long-term improper use, including improper use of tools, improper lens placement and some poor glasses-using habits. If it's just a small scratch, you can try to Remove Scratches From Prescription Glasses At Home.

3. Oil contamination is not cleaned up

Because the lens surface is not cleaned for a long time, or only clean the dust, not carefully clean the oil contamination on the lens surface, resulting in a decrease in clarity, thus affecting the vision.

4. Lenses become yellowing

The service time of the lens is too long, which exceeds the service life, or the service life of the lens is reduced in the process of use, resulting in discoloration and yellowing of the lens, reducing the transmittance and affecting the clarity of the lens.

5. Environmental impact

Sand, haze, dust and other special working environment will affect the clarity and life of the lens.

6. The surface of the lens is dirty

The dirt on the surface of the lens will affect the optical properties of the lens and even change the surface optical properties of the lens, resulting in blur. The solution is to wash them regularly with a soft cloth and professional neutral detergent.


7. Overuse glasses

Blurred vision is caused by using glasses too often. The solution is to try not to overdo it and to give your eyes a break every two hours.

8. Lens distortion

Over time, lenses may become deformed as they age, which affects the optical performance and causes blurring. The solution is to replace the lens or re-make the lens.

9. The diopters of myopia increase

Myopia is not well controlled which results in higher myopia diopters or lens deformation so as to appear blur, the solution is to go to the eye hospital for regular eye examination, then use the suitable glasses according to the examination results.

10. Eye disease

Eye problems, such as eye lesions and myopic macular degeneration, can affect the function of the retina. In this case, the solution is to seek medical attention.

Once the above reasons are clear, the problem of blurred lenses can be successfully solved. Finally, it is recommended to regularly go to the eye hospital for eye examination to avoid other eye problems.

What if the lens is blurred?

1. If the lens film comes off due to scratches or improper use, then you need to replace the lens.

2. If the film is removed by the lens itself, the general product can apply for replacement, but the premise is that it is because of the quality of the lens itself, rather than because of high temperature or acid corrosion.

3. The oil stains or the blurring caused by cleaning problems of the lens itself can be cleaned with professional clean cloth, neutral detergent or ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is best to clean your eyeglasses lenses regularly.


Do not use a glasses cloth to wipe the lens directly. It is advisable for you to use cleaning agent or water to clean your eyeglasses, then wipe the lenses with a glasses cloth or tissue gently.


FAQs about eyeglasses


  • Do glasses have a shelf life?

Yes, in general glasses will have some problems after two or three years of use. Even if you use it carefully, some problems are inevitable. All you can do is use them properly, clean them regularly, and make them last as long as possible.


  • What if the glasses you just bought are blurry?

Then it is very likely that there is a problem with the prescription of glasses. You must go to the optician to check whether there is a problem with the glasses. And you’d better know how to read your prescription. It is essential that you can not continue to wear this pair of glasses temporarily.