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Are Transitions Lenses Really Good?

Are Transitions Lenses Really Good?

Do you have such a friend whose eyeglasses lenses are obviously transparent indoor, but dark outdoor under the sun? You can see more and more people wearing this kinds of eyeglasses not only your friends, but also passengers. They all wear eyeglasses with transitions lenses!

Why should you Block Blue Light and UV Light?

Sunlight contains many components of ultraviolet rays, which cannot be seen or touched, so it is easy to ignore. But ultraviolet light is very harmful to people's skin and eyes. The blue light mainly from our daily use of some electronic products, although such as cell phones, computers and other such electronic products to facilitate our lives, but they are also issued by the blue light there are some potential harm. Therefore, it is essential to choose transitions lenses, blue light blocking lenses and polarized lenses.

How Do Transitions Lenses Work?

Transitions lenses are designed to reduce the glare of the sun by turning them dark in response to ultraviolet light. And when it comes back indoors or where there is no ultraviolet light, it can be transparent again and does not affect the daily work.

So, how do transitions lenses work?

No matter what kind of glasses, its main part is inseparable from the lens. For people with vision problems, the main function of lenses is to correct their vision and provide them with clear vision. In addition to this most basic function, transitions lenses are coated with special molecules, such as silver chloride, that change shape and absorb light when exposed to UV rays. It is this reaction that causes them to darken in sunlight.    When taken away from UV light, the process reverses, causing the lenses to gradually become lighter. The lenses typically take around 15 minutes to fully darken, although some change will be seen within the first minute.

Can Transitions Lenses Hurt the Eyes?

Many people worry that wearing eyeglasses with transitions lenses for a long period of time will harm their eyes, but in fact, for most people it will not. 

However, there are also some people who are not suitable for wearing eyeglasses with transitions lenses. For example, people with eye diseases such as glaucoma or children who are very young are not suitable to use transitions lenses. In addition, as long as the eyewear lens is qualified and is a mature and stable product, the concern of harming the eyes can be ruled out if you choose a reliable brand. 

Different types of glasses should be worn for different occasions, so neither sunglasses nor glasses with transitions lenses will damage your eyes, let alone affect your eyesight. Instead, the proper use of eyeglasses with transitions lenses is a good way to protect your eyes.


How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses with Transitions Lenses?

1. The speed of color change

The color of good transitions lenses can be adjusted automatically according to the change of light. No matter what kind of color change others see, you yourself should be unaware of the change in the lens which will not affect your vision and clarity.

2. The uniformity of the discoloration part

The uniformity of the discoloration is not only affected by the discoloration part, but the coating is also a key factor. If you choose a hardened coating, you can also guarantee the service life of the entire discoloration lens. In the case of lenses with base variation, the discoloration material is not evenly distributed, so the rate of discoloration differs between the central area and the peripheral area after discoloration, and the final color shade is different. In the case of film lenses, because of damage to the film layer, the surface of the lens is not the same shade after the discoloration of the lens, which is really embarrassing to wear.

3. Personal preferences

In terms of lenses color, if you like a more natural feeling of vision, it is recommended for you to choose the gray series of lenses.  If you are a driver or people with highly myopic, you can consider the brown series of lenses.  If you are constantly facing the computer and your eyes get tired easily, it is advisable for you to try the green series of lenses.  The most important thing is your own visual experience and comfort, so you can choose eyeglasses according to your needs.