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Everything You need to Know about Wearing Glasses in Summer

Everything You need to Know about Wearing Glasses in Summer

Ultraviolet rays in summer are strong. Whenever you want to go out, sunscreen, sunscreen clothing, umbrellas that are a full set of equipment. But one position is often easy to be ignored. Yes, that is our eyes. So, you must wear eyeglasses in summer!

What is the Best Color of Eyeglass Lenses for Summer?

1. Teal

Teal tinted sunglasses are recognized as the best choice because teal can absorb almost 100% of UV and infrared rays. Moreover, the soft color of tint makes you feel comfortable and makes the eyes less fatigued.

2. Green

Like teal glasses, green absorbs all infrared rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays, and the green and red in the light can also be blocked. However, sometimes the color of the scene will be changed after passing through green lenses. Green brings people a cool and relaxing feeling, and it is also good for eye protection, so green glasses are also the first choice of many people.


Gray absorbs infrared rays and most of the ultraviolet rays, and does not change the original color of the scene. It is a gentle and natural color that is very popular among individuals.

4. Red

Red sunglasses are better at blocking light of shorter wavelengths, but their other protective effects are lower than those of the other three colors.

5. Yellow

Yellow lenses absorb 100% of UV rays and most of the blue light, and after absorbing the blue light, the view will be clearer. So in hunting and shooting, yellow lenses are more common as light filters.


Factors to Consider when Choosing Frames in Summer

There are several factors to consider when choosing eyeglass frames and lenses in summer.

1. Comfort of the frame

In summer, sweat can make eyeglass frames moist. That's why you should choose frames that are more breathable, such as metal eyewear frames or plastic eyeglasses frames. You can also consider choosing frames with nose pads to reduce the area of the frame in contact with your skin, thus reducing the possibility of slipping off.


2. Anti-blue light function of lenses

In summer, we often spend time outdoors with strong sunlight. Choosing lenses with anti-blue light function such as blue light blocking glasses can help resist the damage of blue light to eyes and protect our eyes.

3. Anti-reflection function of lenses

The sunlight is strong in summer. Therefore, choosing lenses with anti-reflective function can help reduce the reflection of light and improve visual clarity.

4. Protection level of lenses

The sunlight is strong in summer. So you should choose lenses with higher protection level to protect your eyes from sunlight.

To summarize, choosing eyeglass frames and lenses with better breathability, anti-blue light function, anti-reflective function and higher protection level is the most suitable for summer.

What kind of Eyeglasses can Protect Your Eyes in Summer?

1. Tinted lenses

These are the most common and cheapest sunglasses which are available in teal, gray, green, blue and other colors.

2. Transitions lenses

These lenses contain photosensitive substances, which can change the color of the lenses with the intensity of light. And the stronger the light, the deeper the color. Transitions lenses are usually teal or grey in color, and are easy to carry. Transitions lenses can be used in various environments such as indoor, travel, and outing, not only sunglasses that can block the sunlight, but also eyeglasses that can correct your vision and are suitable for a variety of designs. Besides, the appearance of transitions glasses is very fashionable.


3. Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are the use of light vibration and propagation with directionality, adding special materials to the lenses, so that only the perpendicular direction of the light can pass. Other scattered and reflected light is filtered, thus reducing glare and ultraviolet radiation, which is more suitable for outdoor workers.