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What Glasses are Good for Your Eyes in Summer?

What Glasses are Good for Your Eyes in Summer?

Due to rising temperatures and increased UV intensity, many people choose to wear glasses to protect their eyes. However, different types of eyeglasses have different effects on eye protection. So, what glasses are good for your eyes in summer? In this article, we will introduce you to several common types of summer eyeglasses, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Common Types of Summer Eyeglasses

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a type of eyewear specifically designed to protect against UV rays. The intensity of UV rays is high in summer, so sunglasses can effectively protect your eyes. The advantages of sunglasses are that they prevent UV rays from damaging the eyes and have a good field of vision.

However, there are some problems with sunglasses. Firstly, sunglasses are suitable for outdoor activities. If you use sunglasses indoors for a long time, it may affect your vision. Secondly, the color and material of sunglasses may have some effects on vision. Lastly, sunglasses need to be chosen to fit your style and size, or they may cause discomfort.

2. Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are a kind of glasses that can effectively filter blue light. As people use electronic devices such as cell phones and computers for a long time, it is easy to cause eye fatigue and dryness. Blue light blocking glasses can effectively reduce these problems.

The advantage of blue light blocking glasses is that they can filter harmful blue light, protect your eyes and have certain visual effects. However, there are some problems with blue light blocking glasses. Firstly, blue light blocking glasses are suitable for indoor use, and may affect your vision if you use them outdoors for a long time. Secondly, blue light blocking glasses need to choose the right style and size for you, otherwise they may cause discomfort.


3. Sports glasses

Sports glasses are a kind of glasses specially designed for use during sports, with the functions of wind and sand protection and UV protection. In summer, when you have outdoor sports, sports glasses can effectively protect your eyes.

The advantage of sports glasses is that they have a good protective effect, which can prevent flying sands, flying insects and other objects from causing damage to the eyes, and they have a certain visual effect. However, sports glasses also have some problems. Firstly, you need to choose the right style and size, otherwise sports glasses may cause discomfort. Secondly, the price of sports glasses is relatively high, so you need to consider the economic factors.

What Material is Good for Glasses in Summer?

1、Colored lenses

Tinted eyeglass lenses are lenses with color. There are two kinds of tinted glasses: monochromatic lenses and gradient lenses, which have a good effect of shading. Tinted lenses have more colors and styles in the market, and it is a good choice to play cool in summer to attract the eyeballs because it combines fashion and sunshade.

2、Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are made according to the principle of polarization of light which are suitable to be made into sunglasses lenses to use outdoor. They are suitable for outdoor use and can be matched with sunglasses frames to make myopic sunglasses. They can block sunlight and ultraviolet rays more effectively, and have a very good effect on eye protection. Polarized lenses also have the special function of effectively eliminating glare, which is very suitable for driving. However, people with high myopia are generally not suitable for these lenses.

3、Transitions lenses

Transitions lenses are transparent indoors, but gradually change color under ultraviolet light outdoors. Because of the addition of silver halide chemicals to the lens, transparent colorless lenses will become tinted lenses under the strong light in order to do eye protection, which can effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays to protect the eyes. If you need a pair of glasses that satisfy both your need to see clearly and your need for sun protection, please consider transitions glasses.