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Glasses for Driving in Summer

Glasses for Driving in Summer

When you are driving on the road in summer, the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun, the distant light of the car, the reflection of the building glass are very annoying. A long time exposure will cause dizziness and blurred vision which are bad for the eyes, but also affect the process of driving. Many individuals will be in the car with a pair of sunglasses in order to resist these light that interfere you on the eyes.

Why do not Put Glasses in the Car in Summer?

1. Most glasses are made of plastic, which is easily deformed in high temperatures. If you leave your glasses in the car for a long time, especially by the window in the sun, they are likely to deform.

2. Most eyeglasses are also protected by coatings or film layers, which are also prone to wrinkling or discoloration in high temperatures. If you put your glasses in the car, especially in a hot environment, these coatings or films are likely to be damaged.

3. Leaving your eyeglasses in your car is also prone to cause scratches or damage. For example, if you have debris or hard objects in your car, they are likely to touch your eyeglasses during movement and cause damage to them.


What Kind of Glasses are Suitable to Bring for Driving in Summer?

1. Polarized sunglasses

Wearing polarized sunglasses is a good choice for driving in summer. Polarized sunglasses can effectively shield the harsh sunlight, especially in the morning driving against the sun is easy to cause visual fatigue, but also makes you see the road uncleanly, resulting in unnecessary danger. Generally, when you are driving, you can choose gray, dark green, or teal polarized sunglasses. Teal polarized sunglasses are suitable for wearing in the early morning and evening, because teal increases the brightness of light which can make you see the road clearly. While gray, dark green are suitable for sunny day, they can effectively reduce the brightness of light, shield the glare, restore the natural color, so that the light softly moves into the eyes. Currently myopic people can also customize a pair of polarized sunglasses with prescription to have eye protection effectively. They can be worn when you are driving or going out.

2. Clip-on glasses

Clip-on sunglasses, also known as magnetic sunglasses, can provide the same eye protection as other types of sunglasses. However, they must be fitted correctly. Compared with ordinary eyeglasses, if they have a different shape and size, the level of protection will be lowered. For men, women and kids, it is also important to choose clips that offer the greatest UV protection. These are lenses that clip onto the frame of your eyeglasses, and the clips can be easily covered down when in use and lifted up when not in use. But be careful not to clip yourself in the process of wearing them.


3. Transitions glasses

Transitions lenses can become dark in the sun to block additional light, back indoors and can quickly change back to transparent to maintain a clear view, such transitions lenses can almost combine ordinary eyeglasses and outdoor sports sunglasses into one. However, if the car's glass has been coated with UV protection, then transitions glasses will no longer change color.

What Kind of Eyeglasses are Suitable for Driving at Night in Summer?

1. Night driving glasses

The most important and common problem we encounter when driving is the glare from the opposite side of the road when driving at night, which can shake the eyes! Night driving glasses are one kind of eyeglasses that are suitable for driving at night, it can well reduce road reflections on the rainy days, winter snow and ice road reflections, blinding lights, so as to improve driving safety.


2. Yellow polarized glasses

When driving at night, you will always encounter a lot of cars with high beams on the opposite side, this time the light will be more blinding. Yellow polarized glasses can circumvent some of the distracting stray light and glare, so that the contrast of vision will be improved when driving at night. Wearing such lenses can increase the perception of the eyes to the light at night, make you obviously feel clear vision as well as relieve eye fatigue caused by light when driving at night.