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What Kind of Glasses Suitable to Wear in Summer?

What Kind of Glasses Suitable to Wear in Summer?

When summer comes, the weather gets hotter and the sun gets harsher. But many people overlook the importance of sunglasses for sun protection and eye protection. Summer is just around the corner, and the worries of people who wear eyeglasses have increased.


The Troubles that Summer Brings to People who Wear Glasses

As the temperature rises, sweat and oil will cause your glasses to slip, so you have to keep pushing them to keep them from falling off. However, pushing your glasses for a long time may cause wear and tear on the silicone nose pads and frames, and may also have a negative impact on your vision.

In addition to the glasses keep falling off, the harsh sunlight is more uncomfortable. Many people find it troublesome to go out with two pairs of glasses, so they simply don't wear sunglasses. However, if you don't have sunglasses, your eyes will be damaged.

The strong ultraviolet rays of the summer sun will not only have an adverse effect on our skin, but will also cause a lot of damage to the eyes.

Our fundus, cornea and lens can be damaged by it, and in serious cases it may also cause eye diseases.

What Eye Diseases can be Caused by UV Light?

1. Keratoconus

Keratoconus is an important cause of vision loss, causing grayish clouding of the transparent cornea, which can cause blurred vision, reduced vision, and even blindness, and is one of the most important eye diseases causing blindness today. Prolonged UV exposure can easily cause keratoconus and affect vision.

2. Cataract

Long-term exposure to UV radiation increases the risk of cataracts. Although cataracts mostly occur in the elderly aged 40 and above, the prevalence of cataracts has increased sharply in recent years, and there are cases among young and middle-aged people. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself when you go out and the UV index is too high.

Why must I Wear Sunglasses in Summer?

UV rays not only damage the skin, but also penetrate our cornea and lens and reach the retina at the bottom of the eye. Long-term chronic exposure to UV rays will not only damage the retina and lens, but also increase the chance of developing cataracts, pterygium and retinal macular degeneration.

Moreover, the sunlight in summer is very strong. Various kinds of glare, stray light, glare come from all directions, making people feel dizzy. If you drive or ride a bike, it is even more unsafe.
So, you must wear sunglasses in summer! Wearing a pair of qualified sunglasses not only absorbs and reflects ultraviolet rays, weakens the glare and achieves the effect of shading the sun and protecting the eyes, but also effectively prevents UV rays from harming eyes and the skin around the eyes from aging.


What Glasses can Better Protect our Eyes in the Summer?

1. Transitions lenses

Some people also call them "photochromic lenses". According to the principle of photochromic reversible reaction, the lenses can quickly darken under light and UV light, blocking strong light and absorbing UV light, neutral absorption of visible light. When you come back to the dark, they can quickly return to the transparent state, ensuring the translucency of the lenses.

Therefore, transitions lenses are suitable for indoor and outdoor at the same time, filtering sunlight, ultraviolet light and glare to reduce the damage to the eyes. In short, transitions lenses are lenses that can meet the needs of myopic people to see clearly and protect their eyes from UV rays.

2. Sports glasses

If you want to spend a long time playing sports outdoors, and want to protect your eyes from direct light, or do not want to always use your hands to push sunglasses, it's time to consider changing a professional outdoor sports glasses. It is recommended to wear sunglasses when you go out for sports in summer, and most professional sports people will wear a pair of handsome sports glasses when they play sports.

3. Polarized sunglasses

How can you forget your sunglasses when you go out in summer? Of course, wearing sunglasses is to block UV rays, but are you sure your sunglasses are really the right choice? Ordinary sunglasses do not have the function of filtering out stray light. Polarized sunglasses, on the other hand, can filter out stray light and glare from natural light, and provide better protection for your eyes.