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Sunglasses for Women in Summer

Sunglasses for Women in Summer

Summer is coming! Sunglasses have become an essential "sun protection" accessory for those going out. Sunglasses can help reduce the discomfort caused by the harsh sunlight and protect your eyes by filtering out some UV rays. So sunglasses are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also helps people to block the sunlight.


How should We Choose Women's Sunglasses?

1. First, you need to determine the right style of sunglasses for you. Generally speaking, it is advisable for those with light skin tone to choose dark sunglasses, and those with dark skin tone to choose light sunglasses, so that the effect will be better. However, your preference is more important.

2. When choosing sunglasses frame, it is essential to take into account the face shape and temperament. In general, people with round face should choose wide frame sunglasses, square face should choose long frame sunglasses, which can make the face shape more soft and beautiful. In addition, you can also choose sunglasses according to your temperament. If you want to show a lively and lovely image, you can choose sunglasses with brighter colors.

3. The material of sunglasses is also a key point which needs to pay attention to. The frame material should be strong enough, the bending degree should also be large enough, so that you can ensure the durability of sunglasses. And sunglasses lenses are also important, the lenses should have anti-UV and anti-blue light function so as to ensure a clear vision, thus reducing the damage to your eyes caused by sunlight. Besides, blue light blocking eyeglasses are also a good choice to fight against blue light.


4. Finally, the brand of sunglasses should also be considered in order to find the right sunglasses for you. When selecting new eyeglasses or sunglasses, it is imperative to consider quality assurance, affordable prices and your own preference. There are collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses with good quality and fashionable eyewear frames at GlassesShop. Shop your favorite glasses online at GlassesShop now!

How Should Myopic Women Choose Glasses in Summer?

1. Contact lenses and sunglasses without prescription

This combination is no problem in daily life. As long as the quality of the sunglasses is super good, it can make you feel like wearing contact lenses to see the scenery through the window glass.

But there are a few points to note:

Contact lenses can only block a very small portion of the eye, so they do not provide complete protection for the eye and the skin around the eye. In special cases, such as the beach and other places where you will be exposed to water, it is best not to choose to wear sunglasses without prescription and contact lenses at the same time. This is mainly because there are many microorganisms in the water, so wearing contact lenses can easily cause infection to your eyes.


2. Sunglasses with prescription

Most sunglasses with prescription are first fitted with a pair of eyeglasses with prescription, and then the lenses are treated with UV protection.  Therefore, there is no difference between the frame and lens materials and ordinary glasses. Sunglasses with prescription can achieve both clear vision and effective UV protection, making them the best choice for summer!

 Because it combines the functions of single vision glasses and sunglasses into one.

Glasses Suitable for Women in Summer

1. Floral glasses

Floral glasses bring a playful vibrancy to any outfit with their stunning colors and patterns that add style and vintage flair. This stylish retro eyeglass frame features a translucent lush floral acetate finish with a variety of different eyeglass lenses. Different brands, colors and styles of floral eyeglasses and sunglasses with eyeglass lenses are available for women, men and children to add fashion and vintage style. Floral glasses can add endless energy to a girl's summer!

2. Colorful glasses

Summer shouldn't be black, white and gray, it shouldn't be monotonous and boring! Summer is the season of colorful. So, in addition to making some bold changes and experimenting with your clothing, you can also choose some eye-catching colors for your glasses! GlassesShop has more than ten different colorful eyeglass frames to choose from, such as pink, yellow, green, blue and so on. are all colors that belong exclusively to summer.

3. Glitter glasses

Be the brilliant person in the crowd! Glitter glasses with eyeglass lenses can make you look more special in the crowd and also add to your style and fashion. Glitter glasses with spectacle lenses have the perfect glossy look and are loved by men and women alike. Shop for all types and styles of glitter glasses with eyeglass lenses online at GlassesShop now!